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The Carbon Monoxide Conundrum...

Just seems like a wasted resource somehow, had I known and a separate pipe could have been fed in to our resident ants’ nest it could’ve been put to good use !

Wakefield, West Yorks.

You have had a lucky escape GW, it is a good job the leak was in the attic and you are all unharmed. So will you be putting a monitor into the attic too. I would have hoped if the fumes had reached the living area your alarm near the boiler would have gone off. We also have our monitor beside the boiler.

North Northumberland

Who needs it in this weather ? Plug socket and electric cooker still work to boil kettles if necessary.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Grey-Wolf – oh no!! So you’ve got no hot water???

…well, wuddya believe it. Just had boiler service man round who has just disconnected our boiler system entirely (and notified British Gas) which he says has been spewing out Carbon Monoxide fumes for days maybe weeks…owing to a faulty flue… The carbom monoxide detector which I dutifully placed next to the boiler didn’t give a clue as the faulty flue is up in the attic !!

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Wakefield, West Yorks.

Thanks David for the good advice


Ours went off last year, in gales. The reason was that smoke from the woodburner was coming out of the top flue, and filling the room. The alarm is the shrillest, loudest thing I’ve ever heard.
We opened all doors etc, letting in snow and gales, and closed the fire right down to no flues open at all, so it just sort of shimmers for hours…..but at around 5am, off went the alarm again- and there’s NO ignoring it, wherever you are! It hasn’t happened again, but this winter I close the top flue when there’s a strong wind.

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

Here’s what should you do if you think your appliance is spilling carbon monoxide as recommended by the Gas Safety Council….

Call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999
Switch off the appliance and shut off the gas supply at the meter control valve
Open all doors and windows to ventilate the room
Visit your GP and tell him/her that you believe your may have been exposed to carbon monoxide

Further information from the
HSE Gas Safety Advice Line – 0800 300 363


As you have the BG insurance / Homecare, then yes I’d expect them to respond.

Essex UK

We have a carbon monoxide monitor on the wall near to our Gas boiler, have it serviced annually with British Gas who we also have boiler insurance with. However, I can understand what GW is saying, if my carbon monoxide monitor went off, yes it is my responsibility but I wouldn’t be too sure who to contact presumably British Gas emergency number?

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