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The Best Destination to travel in Norway at New Year 2020

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@Fill I’m a bit confused what do you mean by the ‘gingerbread village’.

Also how would you get between Bergan and Egersund?


Hello @Gleb
No doubt you couldn’t go wrong with your choice to visit Norway and I bet that’s the most remarkable period to open up the whole beauty of this country.
But decide firstly what do you definitely expect of your journey because magical Christmas markets and everything is closed on Christmas days and New Year’s Eve. If you just want to spend your vacation just visiting the main sights, museums and try the main tours that’s better to travel in summer. It’s difficult to suggest some particular tours as it depends on individual preferences. There are hundreds of popular routes so that you may view tours of Norway by yourself and choose the best one.
But traveling Norway on New Year is a bit other story. First of all consider to visit Bergen and especially the gingerbread village.
The next destination I’d take into consideration was Egersund – a small town at south of Stavanger. You can find everything from local food and drinks to unique Norwegian handicraft.
Have a great vacation!

Have suddenly realised I didn’t give the link mentioned in post 5. It is here.


@Fossil….Since you mentioned huskies…..
Also, meant to add….If you don’t see the Northern Lights on your trip, Hurtigruten promises another trip free.
Mind you, the best sighting on the trip I was on was at 2.30 a.m….and yes, the decks were full…
The same couldn’t be said for the dining room at breakfast the next day


Suppose I had better jump on the ban-wagon.
Going in January is the time to see the Arctic at its best. Cut through the frozen Fjords and fish for ’King Crab ’, they grow up to 56kilos. Be pulled on a sledge by a team of Huskies, ride a snow mobile, visit the Snow Hotel, and of course the Northern Lights are best in the winter when the skies are cold and clear.



GeminiJen wrote:

I can recommend a Hurtigruten cruise: Classic voyage, 12 days round trip from Bergen

I’ve done this cruise too, you can read about my experience at: https://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/blog/cruise-hurtigruten-blog/hurtigruten-norwegian-coastal-voyage-ms-trollfjord

Essex UK

I would second GeminiJen’s suggestion of Hurtigruten. It is a fantastic trip and gets you to see some of the tiny settlements along the north coast. Berlevåg at midnight is quite an experience….

In December you may also see Northern Lights if you get a clear night with out a full moon. This is an incredible sight. Remeber thought that once past the Arctic Circle there will be no dayliight, possibly just a couple of hours of dusk.

Choose you ship wisely and decided whether you want to be on one of the Traditional boats with a maximum of just over 100 passenger or one of the bigger new generation or millennium boats. These have several hundred passengers and a more facilities.They don’t sail quite as close to teh shore though. The experience between the two is different..

Although this thread is 8 years old, the information is still relevant.

Be warned though – the experiance can be addictive!


Hello @Gleb

I can recommend a Hurtigruten cruise: Classic voyage, 12 days round trip from Bergen, north along the coast of Norway to Kirkenes, then back south again. The ship stops off at ports along the way, with different ports of call on the north and south legs.
There are lots of on-board activities and talks/presentations: e.g. celebration of crossing the Arctic circle; King Crab event, etc.
I did this in December. Passenger numbers were almost evenly split: German/British and talks etc. were offered in both German and English.
There’s also a wide range of excursions etc on offer. The midnight concert in the Arctic cathedral in Tromso was magical; the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim a ‘must see’ and the husky sledding amazing .
The hospitality and food were both exceptional. The dinner menus explained how supplies were picked up daily at ports of call and supported local enterprises.
Given that you have two weeks, I’d also recommend a longer stay in Bergen: e.g. to visit the Bryggen wharfs, the fish market, museums and art galleries, take a trip on the Floibanen Funicular and get a bus out to Troldhaugen for Edvard Grieg’s home.

If you do decide on this and have any questions, I’m happy to help.

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Hello, gues!
At the moment I’m thinking of some destinations to travel on 25 December and spend about 2 weeks there. I decided that it would be a Norway as I’m staying in Germany now and It doesn’t take too much time to go there.
Would you be so kind to suggest the most remarkable tours, sights, cities, etc. to travel for seniors (me and wife)?

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