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Great to hear from you @Biffo and that Thailand is “open for business”.

Essex UK

Especially the bit about brief bikinis and shirtless tops…. It never ceases to amaze me how insensitive or unaware some tourists are about this.


Many thanks for this – I’m not off to Thailand in the near future, but it’s really useful info. (Let’s hope the tour group operators pass it on!!)

For those of you coming to Thailand soon be not afraid. The recent loss of a beloved monarch has seen many knee jerk reactions from governments outside this kingdom. Nothing has changed dramatically on the tourist front except for curtailing live music in bars ( if you’ve ever suffered one playing Thai music this is wonderful news) and parties I.e. Full moon beach parties. Also the habit of walking round seaside resorts in a brief bikini or shirtless is frowned on. Now call me old fashioned but I figure most of us are past doing any of this. It’s important to keep shoulders covered and not short shorts as a sign of respect. I’m wearing a black tee shirt for the next few days as requested by the military government but of course it will be washed once a week! It’s still one of the greatest places on earth to visit.

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