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thank you barrowman and coolonespa.
i love the way those vertical pinks show up ~ is that a trick of the light or a trick of the camera? clever, either way.

Great pictures @pink and such lovely colours.

Here’s one from Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles 2016:

Essex UK

Lovely photos pink, you cant beat a seascape for sunrise/sunset pictures….


sunrise over torquay ~ late october

Thanks David. It was quite funny taking this one because I was on the beach for quite a while but kept having to run for cover under a tree to avoid a 60 downpour.

Essex UK

Nice one Steve – The sea always makes a great setting for sunsets and sunrises…

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Sunrise this morning in Grand Bahama

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Essex UK

Lets see the pics then please Mr F

Essex UK

Great photos Jo. One of the beauties of where we are at present is that if up early enough I can see it rise over the Black Sea and in the evening set over the Balkan Mountains.

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Beautiful photos Jo thanks for posting them.

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