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Summer holiday Top Tips for Grandkids

Keep going with the cricket, Eleanor – he’ll make a great player of spin when he’s older!

Grandson Number 1 has discovered the joys of cricket and will spend hours in the garden with me bowling at him. Problem is the lawn is so uneven the ball bounces uncontrollably or else just stops dead. Actually managing to hit it is quite a feat. He’s allowed to score 4 each time it rolls onto the border which is great for his four times table and counting in fours. He’s not hit it over the fence yet. I did, and decided after that I better stick to bowling.

There are so many cheap things you can do with the kids – even if it is just a trip to the local park. There is also a day rover ticket on the bus. It’s not a lot for a kid’s ticket and I’ve got my bus pass…. It’s surprising where you can get to with a bit of planning.


Some great places to visit in the guide, I loved the Harry Potter Studio Tour with our grown up children, so I’m going to have to do it again when the Grandchildren are old enough.

Essex UK

Have fun with the Grandchildren Jo.

My Sister hired a bouncy castle for the Baptism (in her garden not for the church) So we used that for someone to fire in shots and the old crew could dive around as much as we liked with a nice soft landing.

Add visiting the Duck Pond and feeding the ducks to the original list, on our agenda for today.

Essex UK

Grey-Wolf wrote:

Grey-Wolf 14:57 30-Jul-16 #06
“Kiss chase” still goes on in my local when the beer starts flowing…as does “slap cheek” .

Please send me the postcode – haven’t played that for years, and years, and years…..


“Kiss chase” still goes on in my local when the beer starts flowing…as does “slap cheek” .

Wakefield, West Yorks.

I’m off for three days with grandsons tomorrow – am more than happy to join in anything (even did a tree-top thing with wobbly bridges and zip wires) but did have a problem playing football when C, then 7, put me in goal and then, as the ball whizzed by me yet again, said, ‘Dive, Grandma, dive!’

That’s a great list GW and as the eldest in only 2, we’ve pretty much done most of that list he is capable of. Our 2 would be outside all day if they were able, so well done my Daughter. Missing from the list is fantasy play, let their imaginations run free. Noah is besotted by Fireman Sam at the moment and armed with my garden hose and a fireman’s helmet, got for a few pence at a boot sale, he can spend forever putting out the fires that mysteriously break out in my garden Its so true that you don’t need to spend much to keep them active and busy.

Kiss chase……those were the days….

Essex UK

I once made a go-cart out of “bits”. I can smell that odour of cap guns now ( I think a lot of entertainment for 60’s kids males anyway was very militaristic – guns, airfix soldiers and kits, Victor comic, Action Man…seems like a different world now….one without computer games which are also mainly bloodthirsty and militaristic….).

I don’t have grand kids so son’t know if they are exposed to the same militaria madness we were .

Wakefield, West Yorks.
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