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Star Gazing.

Just found a great app in the iApp store for iPhone, iPad etc – its called ‘Night Sky 2’ it gives real time navigation of the stars and planets plus much much more including all the information on satellites in orbit around the world.

Just point your ‘i’ ‘whatever’ at the sky and everything is there that the eye can and cannot see, even pointing it towards the ground the other side of the planets sky appears as if by magic – not fully explored it yet but that is just a few things I’ve picked out. Forgot to mention – its 99p…….

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If you do see a bright star in the east, through the light pollution, then it will be the planet Jupiter, which is the brightest light at the moment.
I used to be more interested in the moon when we lived next to the beach, because new and full moon meant high spring tides over the next few days, and half moon meant low tides . It’s the half moon tonight.

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Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

The council around here now turn the street lights off between midnight & 5am to save money, so that should help cut light pollution & aid stargazing.

Essex UK

I find the more stars there are, the more difficult it is to identify the main constellations. With light pollution in Scunthorpe, only the brightest stars are visible. It makes things a lot easier.


We have some wonderfully clear skies here in North Northumberland, I am not very good at identifying the stars but it is something I am interested in, so keep trying!


If you look south east at the moment, you will see the 3 stars in a row which make up Orion’s belt. There’s 2 stars above which make his shoulders, and 2 below which make his legs.
If you look at his right shoulder (presuming he’s facing towards you!), that star, Betelgeuse, is a definite red colour. Look east from there, in a line, and you’ll see the planet Jupiter, one of the brightest lights in the sky at the moment. Nearby, slightly east and slightly above, are the heavenly twins, Caspar and Pollux.

Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

The stars I’ve learnt are slowly moving westerly, and now you can see the Plough coming in from the east….mind, I’ve to go down the garden path in my slippers and crane my neck. I look for Capella, then draw a line across to the Heavenly Twins; keep on drawing and you come to the blade of the plough.
Just to bore you all a bit more!!!

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Nr. Seascale, Cumbria

I love looking at the stars when cruising!

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Maybe I should try again, then Jo!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

That’s how it was with me, Gill….it was the fact that this bright star was always first up in December, and seemed to creep up over the mountains. I got used to seeing it, then one day saw that Orion’s belt was almost pointing at it, so it was something I could Google ( or Bing as it is on my new computer). I don’t think I’d heard of Capella, except in music, but it stuck in mymind; now I’ve found an easy site to follow, I’ll just keep looking and learning.

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Nr. Seascale, Cumbria
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