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Solo travel on a budget


I spent 5 days in Romania last May, quite cheap and very good weather. I flew Wizzair to Constanta from Luton, not convenient for me, but maybe better for you in Coventry. If your Romanian geography is not up to scratch, Constanta is on the Black Sea coast, Bucharest might suit you better perhaps. Of course it has its drawbacks, Romania I found quite noisy, dogs and people, and getting to and from the airport is not cheap if you miss the last bus, as I did!
I think its worth a look.

Look forward to hearing how you get on @Fitz


Walking south to North Wales in 21 stages( The CambrianWay) done up to stage 7 and as I live in South Wales it’s been easy to go to and get home , but the further along I get when I start again this spring(and as I work weekends , so can only walk in the week) am worried about having to stay places, and I don’t drive to these places ether

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Essex UK

I am looking for ideas for solo holidays that won’t cost too much and as a first time solo traveller, won’t be too daunting.

I took a number of solo holidays in my fifties; not because I didn’t have a partner, but as an opportunity to pursue personal interests. Most of these holidays were in Malta, where package holiday costs are competitive, particularly in the shoulder seasons; and most were booked with Mercury Direct, which can often provide single-occupancy rooms without additional cost. I generally booked half-board to manage costs, buying only light refreshments whilst out and about. Another attraction of Malta is its comprehensive and cheap public transport system, although it can get very busy.

I am looking for ideas for cheap holidays abroad that don’t involve hostels – I don’t mind simple accommodation but as a 50 something, I don’t feel comfortable in a hostel aimed at 18-30’s. Anybody had experience of this?

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