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Not a trip I’ve done @Waine but definitely on my bucket list, so I’ll be interested to hear how you get on.

Essex UK

Hi I am 70 and a single traveller. I have been a few places in Europe without any problems,but now. I am thinking about a trip to the deep South of the USA. I intend to fly to Atlanta then use Amtrak to visit Memphis, New Orleans,and possibly Nashville. I prefer not to go on an organised tour so that I can go where I want when I want. I am aware of the distances involved but would prefer the train to flying. Has anybody any experience of this? Any comments,good or bad would be welcome. Thanks in advance Richard.


JUST YOU, who are part of TRAVELSPHERE, are very good. Sometimes JULES VERNE and SAGA offer singles only dates.

It’s all quiet at the moment, thankfully – and both sides are talking, so I’m optimistic.

So now I can’t wait till January!!

JoCarroll wrote:

so I have everything crossed.

Me also Jo. Keep safe on the trip


@JoCarroll wrote:

so I have everything crossed.

Me too

Essex UK

I saw that, too, Steve – so I have everything crossed. I don’t go till January so hopefully everyone will be friends again by then.

@JoCarroll wrote:

There are riots at the moment, as the government has withdrawn fuel subsidies.

It would seem that President Lenín Moreno has backed down on the fuel subsidies, so hopefully everything will be calm by the time you get there Jo


Essex UK

JoCarroll wrote:

11:47 12-Oct-19

Alan – ah Ecuador!

It’s the easiest country to stay healthy – even easier than here in the UK. Because of the mountains, they grow potatoes etc at altitude and rice and pineapples in the valleys – and everything in between. So there is always an array of wonderful fruits an vegetables. Plus, at altitude, you only have to walk down the street for your heart to work that little bit harder, so no need to think about exercise.

Bearing that in mind: the upper Amazon, while not easy to get to, is inspiring – I saw endangered Amazon otters last time, playing in the water alongside the canoe. And I’m going into the cloud forest on this trip, for the bird life.

The mountains are spectacular – I’m not sure how high I can go these days. And one always has to be a bit careful on volcanoes.

There’s a stunningly beautiful drive down the spine of the mountains – though, with the number of earthquakes, the road can be a bit interesting in places.

Cuenca is a lovely old colonial city – and, not far away, some amazing Inca ruins. Ecuador had a complex history before the Spanish came, and the collision of indigenous and Spanish culture is fascinating. Guayaquil is edgy – it has a history of piracy but has turned itself around and has a lovely riverfront now. Banos has thermal springs and waterfall.

I shall stay in a fishing village, with the Pacific Ocean rolling in and frigate birds wheeling overhead.

The market at Otavalo is awash with South American colour – I’m not a shopper but I have no doubt I’ll buy stuff there.

And Quito is interesting – plenty of old colonial buildings.

Having said all that – I am watching the news. There are riots at the moment, as the government has withdrawn fuel subsidies. Quito has been brought to a standstill and a lot of roads are blocked. I don’t go till January, so I’m crossing my fingers it will be sorted long before then.

Oh, all that is so evocative, @JoCarroll and sounds so tempting! I’ve only been to a couple of ports whilst on
cruises, and of course that is so limiting, but I shall REALLY look forward to hearing all about your adventures on your return.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

@JoCarroll Thanks Jo, it sounds absolutely amazing, I’m envious of your upcoming trip.

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