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Solo to Morocco

I was just doing some research this morning @susan-m and remembered that Titan also offer a collection of solos tours. One of these is “The Majesty of Morocco”. The advantage of travelling with Titan is they include VIP door-to-door chauffeur service from your home to the airport – in this case to Gatwick https://www.titantravel.co.uk/destinations/africa/morocco/the-majesty-of-morocco-with-the-atlas-mountains-solo?availability=2&boardbasis=NONE

Welcome @susan-m – in addition to @ESW’s helpful response, Cox & Kings also offer a ’Mystical Morocco solos tour. They fly BA from London but mention that regional flights are available to take you into the London airport. https://www.coxandkings.co.uk/destinations/middle-east/morocco/group-tours/mystical-morocco

For future reference, Solos Holidays also offer flights from regional airports on many of their holidays (though not for Morocco as far as I can see.) https://www.solosholidays.co.uk/why-solos/regional-flying

The airports provide plenty of helpful advice on getting through security. Personally I always carry my passport and boarding card in an easily accessible zip pocket on a shoulderbag that I wear across my body. In this bag I have all my liquids and gels already stored in a sealable plastic bag no larger than 20 cm x 20 cm (including mascara, lipstick, lip balm, face cream and a small tube of sunscreen no larger than 100 ml). If you smoke, you also need to place your lighter in the plastic bag. All other items such as shampoo, body lotion, perfume, scissors etc. I place in my checked in luggage.

The different airlines advise on what is an acceptable size for hand luggage and whether you are allowed one or two items. I usually take a smallish rucksack that will hold my shoulderbag if necessary as well as my MacBook in an easily accessible protective pocket.

Going through security, to avoid delays, wear shoes that are easy to remove and avoid wearing a belt or underwired bra. You are normally asked to remove your jacket and any scarf. If I am not travelling with my husband (who is a wheelchair user so gets fast tracked) I purchase a Fast Track ticket that gets me through security faster.

If you take prescription medicine with you, take that in your hand luggage with a copy of the prescription. We have had the foil packs cause security issues so I always ask if I need to place medication separately in the security tray.

Finally, I always book meet and greet parking at the airport well in advance and check the internet for voucher codes. Companies like SkyParkSecure can save up to 10% on parking. Meet & Greet means you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space, refinding your car when you return possibly late at night. You drop off your car close to the terminal and the car park people do the rest.

We normally fly from Manchester but I’m travelling solo through East Midlands airport next week so will report any new tips here. Here si their guide to security:

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Welcome to the forum @susan-m I’m a solo traveller too and HATE having to use one of the London airports!

Riviera Travel do a solos holiday to Marrakesh and the Atlas Mountins with departures from Manchester Airport…

I’ve been on several trips with Riviera, although not on a specific solos holiday. They are a good conmpany. Tours are well organised with an interesting itinerary and an interesting selection of people on them. There is always a tour guide with you to help with any problems. Some are more knowledgeable about the country than others. You may also have local guides too.

They are one of the few companies who regularly offer tours from a variety of regional airports and I think nearly all their tours have a Manchester departure.

As you probably know there is a direct train service to Manchester Airport and it is a 10-20 minute walk from the platform to the terminal (depending on which one you leave from). Many of my flights have involved a very early check in so I always book the previous night at the Radisson Blu hotel which is in the terminal building. It’s not the cheapest but is definitely the closest! It is also an undercover walk next morning if it happens to be rainibng and you don’t have to worry about getting wet, shuttle buses or taxis. It really is stress free (and also very comfortable). My review is here.
I stopped there again last month and it is still as good!


I’m new to this site & wonder if anyone can help me book a trip to Morocco. I haven’t been abroad for 15 years & obviously airport regulations have changed drastically in this time. I would like to go on a singles escorted tour so that I can see as many places as possible & would also prefer to fly from an airport located in the midlands (the airport rules & regulations scare me more than being in a country I’ve never visited). All the holidays I have searched seem to go from Gatwick

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