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Holland America cruises for solos

@Dollie wrote:

Many thanks for your tips on HAL. I will certainly give it a try now!

Here’s a link to my write up about my HAL cruise to Alaska. Obviously a very different cruise to the Far East but I do mention the ship in odd parts throughout https://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/blog/cruise-holland-america-line-blog/alaska-cruising-holland-america-line-shore-exursions-part-1

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Dollie wrote:

09:38 28-Apr-19

Many thanks for your tips on HAL. I will certainly give it a try now!

When booking, ask to be seated on a large – 8 or 10 – table to include other singles.

Join the relevant Roll Call on Cruise Critic for your specific cruise – there you can
interact with other people, arrange meetings, join in with private excursions, and
potentially make new ‘friends’ before you even board. That has worked very well
for me in the past (I have done 30 cruises, 9 of them as a solo passenger).

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Many thanks for your tips on HAL. I will certainly give it a try now!

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I’ve cruised with Holland America a couple of times & enjoyed the experience. Their ships aren’t too big & have a nice blend of formal & informal. On both occasions I travelled with my wife but do recall them having some sort of solo meet & great session/party.

There were a fair number of solos on board, all seeming to be having a great time. I did notice some solos asking maitre d’ to seat them on a table that might have other solos on & being accommodated politely.

On excursions I found that everyone mixed very easily & comfortably including any solos in the party in their activities. I guess that largely depends on the group.

In your position I’d be tempted to give HAL a call on 0843 374 2300 or 0344 338 8605 & ask what activities/arrangements they have on the particular cruise you’re thinking of as its been a while sine I’ve cruised with HAL.

Essex UK

I have done several cruises but never travelled on Holland America. Am thinking of going on a cruise to Far East. Can anyone please let me know what they are like for solos? do they have any solos meetings, solo dining etc? Any tips would be welcome.
Many thanks

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