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Best uk holidays for singles

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Essex UK

Do you mean singles or solos? If you’re looking to meet someone try an organised holiday/cruise just for singles. If you mean to travel solo, take a look at SisterStay. It’s a new homestay organisation for older women in the UK and it has friendly hosts all over the country! Also try MeetUp. There are lots of travel groups there for singles and solos! Good luck.

Hi @Luna let us know how you get on


Thank you everyone. I think I will try Saga, just for starters.

Sutton coldfield

Hi @Luna
I thought the suggestion by @Sana was a good one. A city with so much to see both day and night.
The problem with many venues in the UK is they cater mainly for couples. Like @coolonespa I took a Warners break at Cricket St. Thomas and I don’t recollect any solo travellers especially in the evenings when cabaret and dancing formed the main entertainment. Have you considered a holiday for solos such as organised by Saga. They cater for the mature traveller, cater for solos and have a good reputation. Let us know your thoughts.


What about a Warner break. Their hotels are in some of the most beautiful parts of the country & they have an entertainment programme. There are a fair number of reviews on this site if you want to read further e.g. https://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/review?id=150204

Essex UK

Have a look at HF Holidays.
Not just for walking. There’s a whole brochure on leisure/special interests…
I’m sure you’d find something to interest you, from a very wide choice…anything from photography to yoga, singing, dancing, painting etc…
Alternatively, you can book up for the self guided option and do your own thing during the day…
…with company at breakfast and dinner…and optional entertainment/activities in the evening.


Or, if you love the sea, try Brighton – it’s a fascinating town with plenty to do, day or night.

Just visit London and don’t sit in a hotel room. You’ll find yourself a lot of fun and activities around you which don’t need a partner.

I have always been abroad for my single holidays but would like to see the uk now. Any suggestions on best places to go as a single which doesn’t require sitting in a hotel room after dinner, so some type of entertainments programme, not a walking holiday either, some interesting places to visit and on the coast as I love the sea.

Sutton coldfield
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