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Trip to Oz

Fossil wrote:

Not too long now to your trip @smartypants and the time will soon go.

I must have missed this thread while I was in India.

While I’m sure @smartypants must have by now booked her flight I’d probably say there were only two real options.

Singapore or one of the Gulf States if crossing a cheaper flight plan with the likes of Qatar, Etihad or Emirates.

Personally it would be Singapore for me every time no matter which Australian coast was my initial destination.

PS. I note that @smartypants hasn’t logged in for over 3 months. Funny old world.

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Not too long now to your trip @smartypants and the time will soon go.


Something ive always wanted to do, but I couldn’t sit that long on a plane unless I went business class and could stretch out but think the cost to upgrade would be too daunting. I hope you gave a great time, if it were me, Singapore would be my choice as stopover.

Sutton coldfield

Are you planning to spend a day or two at the stopover? I love Bangkok – it’s a big, smelly Asian city the backpacker streets (around Kho San Road) are great fun, and the palace and reclining Buddha are lovely. I’m a woman on my own – use your common sense and you’ll be fine.

Or Singapore – clean, safe, shopping heaven (if that’s your thing).

I am travelling to Australia alone in July.
Which route and stop over do people think is the best for a solo female traveller ?

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