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Alone at Christmas

Christmas is what you make it. And @WASATCH – I’m another who spends as much time as I can away from home in the British winter, though rarely in America. (I’m in the process of planning another Ecuador trip at the moment.)

As long as you feel good, why not? I think your Christmas sounds great

Don’t overlook the depressing nature of UK nature in winter. Some years ago we made the acquaintance of a British couple who spend 6 months a year living here in northern Utah, USA. First met them at the ski resort, later at the golf course. A few years ago when I saw them at the golf course I commented “I didn’t see you at [the ski resort] last winter” They said that old age had stopped their skiing. The following December, I ran into them at the grocery store. I said, “I thought you had given up skiing”. They said, “We did, but the winter weather here is so much nicer than London that we would rather be here and not skiing than in London and not skiing.”

Getting away from the UK winter climate will do wonders for your state of mind. I recommend Las Vegas [ave daily high temperature in December is 58F, there is sun shine during 78% of daylight hours]. Christmas day is the lowest priced day of the year at Las Vegas casino hotels, rising to the most expensive night of the year on New Year’s Eve. There are no apparent christmas reminders in the casinos because, although they do decorate for the season, seasonal decorations disappear into the normal overwhelming glitz.

Gambling is optional. In the last 14 days we spent in Las Vegas, the only gambling we did was to stick a quarter we found on the casino floor into a slot machine. Lot’s to see and do without gambling and much of it is free.

Easy day tours to Zion, Death Valley, and Grand Canyon National Parks; and Valley of Fire State Park.

Comfortable temperatures, endless cherry sunshine, spectacular scenery, and a bizarre setting unlike anywhere else should go a long way to killing holiday blues. For the best prices, go a week or so before Christmas day and leave no later than Dec 27, or splurge on the New Years extravaganza.

@JoCarroll Thanks, not for everyone, I know, but suits me

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@GeminiJen – your Christmas sounds wonderful – and exactly what you needed.

Maybe once the builders have gone


Hi @GeminiJen you certainly have been busy. Sounds like time for some relaxation.


@JoCarroll….Yes thanks, it was. Hope yours was too..

I visited my daughter and family mid December, to drop off their presents, clap enthusiastically at school concerts etc….
.. and my son and family in January, for the Three Kings celebrations…They live in Spain….

Over Christmas, I went on a retreat to a most beautiful part of Scotland.
Did a lot of walking in the hills, soaked up the silence and the solitude, read, had a digital detox and emerged refreshed, ready for a new year…!

January on the other hand has been full on…..Hence this belated reply ;-/

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Thank you, @GeminiJan – I hope your Christmas was everything you needed it to be.

@JoCarroll…….Coming late to this thread…but would just like to say Hear, Hear!!…for all the same reasons you give. And the more commercialised it becomes, the more I like…and choose… to escape from the crass consumerism of it all

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