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Travelling with your dog

Travelling with pets to any country can be difficult but with a pet to Russia, that’s a whole different chapter. The first step to prepare your dog, cat or ferret to enter Russia is to have your pet microchipped with an ISO 11784/11785 compliant 15 digit pet microchip. Your pet’s microchip number must be reflected on all documentation. Another important thing is that an import permit is not required when entering Russia with up to 5 personally-owned dogs or cats. If importing more than 5 dogs or cats or other fur-bearing animals, a permit is required and quarantine will be imposed.

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The guide to St. Petersburg is one I have looked at before but it is of little use unless you have a visa. You need a visa unless you are accompanied by a Russian registered guide.


I traveled in Russia whith my dog on last week. I did not know anything about this city, but this https://guidetopetersburg.com/ guide helped me to understand what wonderful and interesting things does he have. I visited many sport stadiums, palaces, fountains etc. I want to say also, that in this town you always can tasty to eat.

It must be difficult to travel with your dog or with any pet. Because you will have to carry them or take care about your dog food. What kind of problems have you faced while travelling with your dog. It must be difficult, what i thought about it.


good post

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I really like to bring my little doggy,


I just wondered how you’d got on with your investigations since your first post in April?

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Ha ha ha thanks for sharing this tips really helpful for dog lovers.

On my recent cruise onboard Star princess I was surprised to see a dog boarding a ‘tender’ at the Hawaiian Island of ~Maui…

There was a slight hold up as he was fitted with a ‘doggie’ life jacket but it was well worth it just to get this photograph.

Have a look at this site @ET_2


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