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Hi @Lacala
There are several cruise lines that have ‘solo’ cabins on board which avoid the single supplement. The main one of these is Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) Most of the others offer cruises at various times of the year with no supplement but it is very much about checking them on the internet. You may find this link helpful. https://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/blog/single-travellers/single-travellers


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Alan is back now, so I’m sure @fossil will be happy to answer your query. In the meantime you might like to add your voice the solo travelling survey that can be found via this thread:


Essex UK

Is there any cruise line that don’t charge single supplement many thanks

Leigh on sea

Have a look at our ‘Single Traveller’ page this may help you @Luna https://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/blog/single-travellers/single-travellers


I enquired about a single cruise recently around British Isles, price quoted, made my eyes water, asked how much it would be if two people shared same cabin informed no difference you pay for the cabin. It was Viking Cruises.
Do you know if any line that doesn’t double the price.

Sutton coldfield

Thanks Fossil .


Enjoy Azura @Lovetocruise


I always travel on my own, but don’t cruise for the sake of cruising, but occasionally when it’s the only way to get where I want to be (down the Mekong, the Galápagos Islands).

Hi to all cruise fans out there.
I have travelled on my own for last few years .
Enjoy meeting new people .
Shame about the single supplement!
Looking forward to next cruise Azura in October.


Welcome to the forum @Hitlow
There are many people on the forum interested in cruising as solos so you are in good company.

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