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Welcome Edna.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Edna – it’s been an effort, learning Spanish – but well worth all the hassle. It opens up a whole new continent! Like you, I know the Far East quite well now, so it’s be wonderful to explore somewhere so different.

JoCarroll, no I don’t speak Spanish, maybe I should take time out to learn. I have done some wonderful trips with my daughter who now lives in Thailand. India, China, Russia. When In Thailand we travelled to Vietnam and Cambodia. Then another year, also from Thailand, we went to Borneo, Brunei and Malaysia. Many lovely places in the world

Thank you all for the lovely welcome. Think I will get some good tips here.

Edna – I understand wanting to be with people of your own age. I’m sure there are plenty of people here who can advise you on tours for those of us with a wrinkle or few.

But I think one of the great things about travelling independently is meeting people of all ages, from all backgrounds and all cultures. You know you can do it in the Far East – if you have a dare-devil day, you could always buy a flight to a different continent. Do you speak Spanish? – I’ve worked hard to learn it in the last couple of years and took myself to Ecuador and the Galapagos last winter. (And I met a wonderful cross-section of people.)

Hi Edna, welcome to the Forum.

Essex UK

Hi, thank you all so much for your comments. I am still trying to work this site out due to being new. JoCarroll, that sounds like what me and my daughter have done in the past. We normally book a flight, then find somewhere to stay when we get there, but that is normally in Asia. She lives in Thailand so used to the way they work there. I love visiting her, but now feel as if I want to holiday with people of my own age

I’m probably the ‘extreme’ solo traveller here – I buy a flight and hotel for my first few nights and then work out where to go from there. I went for a year (in my mid-50s) with a rucksack, staying in hostels.

And yes, it was terrifying at first and there are still days I wake up and wonder what the hell I think I’m doing. And I’ve got into a few tight situations (tigers and crocodiles). But I’m met some wonderful people – and now have friends all over the world.

I’d suggest try the group thing – and then, if you feel like doing it all yourself, go for it. You’ll be amazed what you can do.

Hi @Edna.

I think a cruise is the perfect way to travel solo. I have done at least half a dozen by myself, and many more with friends. In fact, I have just booked a cruise with a friend I made on board 2 years ago, whilst travelling alone. Cruisers are a friendly lot, and you only have to be by yourself if you so choose. Naturally I was very nervous about my first one, but I soon made friends with the people on my dinner table, joined in all the activities going, and had a wonderful time.

Cheers, Gill

PS And my last cruise was with a friend I made on this very forum!

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Hello @Edna and welcome to the forum.
I took a solo cruise last year and it was fantastic. So well looked after. Have a read, a cruise may suit you.http://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/review/cruise/155106-review-boudicca

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