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living the dream

No idea what @Solent-Richard_1 would say.


So it’s a toss up then, between the bicycle-van an the cruise liner, I wonder what Solent Richard would say ?

Wakefield, West Yorks.

I have a friend – she’s single – with a small campervan, and she goes away on her own whenever the weather is kind in the summer. She walks miles (happily strides over 15 miles in a day) and cycles (50miles+) so there aren’t many who can keep up with her. But she loves it. She says she meets people on camp sites – there is obviously a community of them that meet up on various sites, so it’s not as isolating as it might first appear.

I’m happy on my own, and will walk for 3-4 hours without a problem, but stay in hotels and hostels so that I can be around people. And so someone else can do my cooking for me!!

Yes I agree with Fossil, it would be a scary nightmare for me, travelling alone and by such transportation. I prefer company and more comfortable ways of travel.

As I said in an earlier post “Certainly not my dream, more a nightmare really”, but in fairness I can see the attraction for some people. As @Birthday said, an amazing attachment for a bicycle. Imagine if you are someone who enjoys their own company they could cycle the highways and byways of say the Devon and Cornwall coast roads, take in the beautiful scenery and then, when tired, climb in the back and relax. Not for me but I am sure heaven for some.


An amazing attachment for a bicycle, but you must really enjoy being alone.

while struggling for an articulate explanation of my dream, born in my long-gone days of wanderlust and a desire to set off into the sunset without preparation or planning, i happened upon the following:

quoted from bill bryson’s a walk in the woods

who could say the words “great smoky mountains” or “shenandoah valley” and not feel an urge, as the naturalist john muir once put it, to “throw a loaf of bread and a pound of tea in an old sack and jump over the back fence”?

Thanks, but no thanks!!!

Well I suppose it offers another dimension to Silver travelling, a sort of back-to-basics approach, the world is your cycle track.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Am I missing something – I can’t see the point of this….

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