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Update on travel to Turkey.

Thomson, Thomas Cook and Monarch are offering customers cancellations free of charge for this weekend only. They will also amend existing bookings to other locations for free, subject to availability.

EasyJet only saying they are constantly monitoring the situation and will act accordingly, in line with UK Government advice.

Current reports suggest 90 dead, 1,150 injured, 1,500 arrested.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

I have been, in the past, and enjoyed it, but would be wary of going at this particular time.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

@Grey-Wolf – Don’t know anyone personally, but the BBC reports that a group of pupils and teachers from a local secondary school is trapped at Istanbul Airport.

BA and a number of prominent airlines have suspended flights today and tomorrow. News reports from Istanbul Airport state that Turkish Airlines have now resumed some flights. No news yet on the intentions of Thomson, Thomas Cook, etc.

Very interesting from the diplomatic aspect. A number of Turkish military officials have flow to Greece and asked for asylum. Heightened tension between Greece and Turkey now likely????

Turkey has never been on my list, even less so now!

…and now to Turkey….where news reports suggest that last night’s attempted military coup has failed…British tourists being advised to stay away from public places for now. Anyone here planning to visit Turkey or maybe are already there ?

Wakefield, West Yorks.

The events in Nice are truly horrific. And it’s wonderful to see the crowds back on the streets, refusing to be cowed by what has happened. A great reminder that there are millions of good people out there.

I am sure all our thoughts are with the people of France again today and the victims from other countries around the world.

Being at a celebration event such as this provides a contradiction to personal safety. We want to enjoy the event, but the risk is great as there are often large numbers of people in a relatively small area. One press report estimated 30,000 people were in this part of Nice last night. It’s difficult to strike a happy balance between savouring the atmosphere and staying safe.

The lucky ones took refuge in restaurants/bars or escaped into side streets; one man jumped into the sea.

Another report stated that the French Police had questioned the attacker about 8 hours before. He claimed he was delivering icecream. Maybe this atrocity could have been avoided if someone had followed up on this as, according to reports, he was carrying identification.

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Jif lemon squeezer is a good idea, if you are up against a single assailant. The mugger’s bundle is an excellent idea, as you don’t know whether the assailant is armed, acting alone or part of a group who may be out of sight. Yes, leaving non-essential items at home is also a good suggestion; your gym membership card doesn’t need a holiday!

This week’s tip is courtesy of a number of frequent business travellers who have experienced this, or know someone who has. How safe is your hand luggage on board a flight? With an increasing number of airlines now offering cheaper fares for hand baggage only and increasing the weight/piece allowances, storage space by your seat may not be available. As a result your bag may be stored further down the aircraft and out of your sight. Unfortunately, travelling in the premium seats does not mean you are guaranteed adjacent storage. The victims of these thefts only realised what had happened when they landed and were searching for their passport, then discovering money/phone/tablet were also missing. Jackets/coats stored in on-board wardrobes can also be a target.

Using a bag that can be locked and putting essentials into a smaller bag that will fit into the seat pocket is suggested. Ladies, we’ve all probably got a small and flat handbag that would be suitable. Gentlemen, there’s nothing wrong with a manbag! Especially relevant if you are a solo traveller as you will be seated next to a stranger.

Various train companies have CCTV installed on their trains and announce this to passengers. A good deterrent but it will not stop every theft. Reporting the incident to train staff immediately will give them the best chance of catching the thief before the train stops again.

The Jif Lemon squeezer. Easily portable and unobtrusive. Citric acid squirted in the eyes of an assailant is an effective deterrent allowing you those essential moments for fight or flight. The Jif Lemon Squeezer now comes in a Lime variant as well.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

All very sensible – but I hope that the terrorists don’t frighten people so much they stop travelling. Of course we can’t ignore the bad guys, and take sound advice regarding security but if they scare us into staying at home they will have won!

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