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Liberation from school holidays

Go @kirby Go – there’s a wonderful world out there and now nothing to stop you. (Although one word of caution – many of us have experience of our grown-up children leaving home and coming back again – sometimes for years! So I hope he can do his own washing and scramble his own eggs, so you can leave him at home and go off on adventures!)

Welcome @kirkby to our Silver Travel Forum – we hope that you enjoy being part of our friendly group of Silver Travellers. Please feel free to contact one of the moderators if you have any queries about using the Forum.

Very excited for you as your “gap year” begins. All those late deals and special offers are now within your grasp. Do keep us posted on your adventures.

Essex UK

Just realised that in a few weeks – when my son leaves school – I’ll be liberated from the straitjacket (and expense) of school holidays and will be free to travel solo anytime… what a splendid antidote to ‘empty nest’ syndrome! My own ‘gap year’ starts now…

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