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Solo Mexican holiday with Saga for my 60th

I’m glad you found it useful @IAMME & I’m looking forward to reading about your 60th birthday adventures.

As an aside, I booked some local theatre tickets yesterday and got them at half price. My first 60s concession. Always something to look forward to

Essex UK

Hi thank you for your comments and advise everyone. Looking forward to my holiday to Mexico. I will write about it when I’m back.


Thanks for responding to this @DavidT its nice to hear from you again.

DavidT wrote:

will be going on a second escorted tour to the USA this October.

Love to hear all about that, so please come back and tell us all about it after your trip. I very much enjoyed your posts on South Africa. To that end, we have recently returned from the garden route in SA and its an opportune time for me to say thanks. Although we did a self guided tour with a hire car, I found the information I gleaned from yours & others posts on that thread very useful. I’ll be adding to that thread when I get myself sorted, so please watch out for that, you may find some of if of interest.

Essex UK

As Coolonespa suggests, I can comment on a Saga escorted tour, although not as a single/solo traveller as I went with my wife on a trip along the Garden Route in South Africa.

However, among our group of 17 (I think) people, there were 3 single ladies, albeit that 2 of them were friends and sharing a room. This left the one lady who was very much on her own but, although she seemed a little nervous at first, mingled in with the rest of us very well. The good thing as far as it being a Saga trip was that it was a small group, and people soon got to know each other and there was a friendly atmosphere among us. The single ladies had no trouble sitting with any of the rest of us at breakfast, dinner, coffee – or in the bar! They were happy enough to tag along with someone during the visits, and no-one seemed to mind them doing so. As far as we could see, they did the rounds! Maybe it was that kind of group, (fortunately for the single traveller) and maybe some groups of people on other visits wouldn’t always be as welcoming, but in this case it really worked out well. The Saga rep (who was very good with everything) also did her best to get people together, which was another good aspect of this trip.

My wife and I have taken other holidays with Saga, some of which didn’t go as well as South Africa, but will be going on a second escorted tour to the USA this October. Maybe I’ll be able to make a comparison between the 2 trips as far as single travellers are concerned…

Further, on the subject of Saga being made aware of a special celebration, our trip to South Africa was for our 30th wedding anniversary. Saga asked, so I told them, and we had just about forgotten about it until the first meeting with the rep when she announced to the group that it was a special occasion for us! The celebrations began with champagne at dinner that night (one bottle from the rep, one from another couple and one bought ourselves!) and in each hotel we stayed in (there were 6 overall) a gift of wine/champagne waiting for us in our room. We felt well and truly spoiled, so yes, it’s definitely worth letting Saga know!

Welcome, @IAMME – I’ve never done a Saga holiday, but travel alone all the time (oh how understand the decision to travel alone as you’d wait forever to agree on dates and destinations with friends are busy with families).

And I’ve never been to Mexico, so can’t help with it that, either. My one thought – make sure Saga and your companions know about your birthday. And then practise acting surprised when they produce cards or maybe cake. We all need days when we feel special, and can’t always do that for ourselves.

And welcome from me too Wendy.

I have experience of Saga holidays in the ‘not solo’ category.

Some years ago we travelled with them to Kota Kinabalu, in Sabah, Malaysia, staying at the Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort. We had a 3 night stopover in Kuala Lumpur on the way out.

It was an amazing holiday and Saga certainly look after you well.

There were welcome cocktail parties at both venues and, like you, we are very much social orientated, so enjoy chatting and mixing: hence I would say you will have no problem meeting people or any fear of being alone.

Mexico can also be fun. We stopped there two weeks ago, at the port of Ensenada, when returning from our cruise to Hawaii.

You have to try one of their famous margaritas…


Welcome @IAMME to our Silver Travel Forum – we hope that you enjoy being part of our friendly group of Silver Travellers. Please feel free to contact one of the moderators if you have any queries about using the Forum.

It’s also my 60th this year (Feb) so Happy Birthday Wendy

I haven’t travelled with Saga but there is another thread off the Forum where a member went to South Africa with them. You can read that here:

and perhaps @DavidT would like to add something about a Saga holiday.

I’ve been to Mexico a couple of times & found the Mexicans very welcoming and enjoyed my travels there. One thing I do recall is that the food can be quite spicy, so we got into the habit of asking about that whilst ordering meals.

IAMME wrote:

have found it very useful

I’m glad you have found our site useful.

Essex UK

Hello everyone. I have travelled on my own and with solo travel companies for the last ten years some better than others but all mainly good.
This year it is my 60th Birthday and I am still in the same boat as in no partner to travel with and friends not single like me or not being able to afford the kind of holiday I wanted for this birthday!
So what to do? I scanned all the different websites and as others have said paying a lot more for single supplement. I had a few ideas as to where I wanted to go and Mexico being one of them. I came across Saga Travel. I have never used them before so I am hoping they will be as good as they sound. I didn’t want to be on my own for this holiday just hoping to speak and meet others as wanted to make sure I had company at the dinner table et c but as it has turned out there are only 2 others booked on the same trip which I have to confess is a little disappointing! It is for the end of May 2018 but when I paid the finale amount there was still me and 2 other singles ladies going. I feel a little better knowing they are 2 ladies and not a couple I guess or 2 friends and me being the odd one out!
This is not a solo/single holiday but they keep a few rooms for solo use. Has anyone experienced a Saga holiday either the solo or not solo choices?
I am having 3 weeks for the same price as 2 weeks and as I live and need to fly over from Jersey they are paying for my flight to Gatwick too. Have never been to Mexico so any advise would be appropriated. I am quite a social person and can chat away quite easily so if I find myself more on my own hopefully I will end up chatting to someone but just was hoping for a bigger group. Coming from Jersey for any holiday has its drawbacks as always have the expense of another flight,overnight accommodation et c to consider. I have only just come across this site today and have found it very useful and have spent a long time reading all the feeds. Wendy from Jersey.

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