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Skiing in your seventies -Lift passes

Try the Ski Amade website – this gorgeous part of the Salzburgerland region in Austria has special deals for the 60+ brigade, including specially-tailored weeks at great locations, with free lift passes thrown in. The scenery and the skiing is fabulous and it’s very easy to get to from Salzburg, which is served by several tour firms and budget airlines.

Rossendale Valley, Lancashire, UK

Hi Michael and welcome to the forum. If you don’t get any responses on the forum to your question I would suggest you pose the question to one of the Travel Advisors on the main site.

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Finding insurance can be a little difficult though the travel policy I have through my bank covers me until I am 79. More elusive still is information about the cost of ski lift passes for seniors above a certain age.

I know of two French resorts in the Paradis ski area, Les Arcs and La Plagne where at 72 you pay only a small amount for the actual pass itself but this is only about 10 euros, the actual lift travel is free. I also remember a similar situation in Serre Chevalier.

Travel holiday brochures often lack any lift pass prices and even lift pass purchase web sites tend only to give information about children’s concessions, and the reduced price, but still costly passesd for the over 65’s.

If anyone knows of any other resorts in France or elsewhere that offer almost free passes I would be delighted to know.

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