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Single without supplement

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Luna wrote:

the same grade of cabin for two people on line

I wonder if the differential in price was anything to do with single supplements or if they were offering a better deal for people who booked on line.

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Luna wrote:

when I looked at the same grade of cabin for two people on line mine was £800 more.

How did this work out as a % of the double fare? I don’t mind paying a single supplement but I do object to being rooked…

I booked a river cruise with Riviera Travel last year for this August. They do have a few cabins with no single supplement but these do get snapped up quickly. I was lucky and did get one.


In fairness @Luna some cruise lines do not always charge a single supplement. It’s a case of finding them and then compaing the cost with a double cabin. This way you will find the genuine ‘No Single Suppplement’.


The Beagle – one of the small boats that explores the Galapagos islands, has one small, single cabin – the cost is more than half the double, but it’s still a really good deal. (And a totally wonderful place.) But don’t think ‘cruise’ – this is a converted fishing boat, so no shops or swimming pools (though you can swim in the ocean, with the sharks …)

When ever I have seen advertisement for no single supplemen on cruises,once you look into it there us. Booked a cruise recently over the phone told no single supplement, booked it, when I looked at the same grade of cabin for two people on line mine was £800 more. I have stuck with the deal because if I wait around for things you’ve fair I will be too old to go. Just Ho on any site offering them and see.

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The majority of cruise lines have single cabins available but are still at a supplement unfortunately. A single cabin has less floor space than a double but only slightly less, hence the more singles they fit in the less doubles they can resulting in the loss of revenue, which is why its more expensive for lone travelers.

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Alan – Didn’t one of the big cruise lines have some single cabins, or at least were putting some in. I’m sure I read that somewhere.

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Bedfordshire’s local Arriva buses don’t charge any extra whatsoever if you are a single traveller- apologies, couldn’t resist it..

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The annoyance of single supplements comes up regularly with Silver Travellers but I noticed this deal from Hurtigruten today "Now, as a single traveller, travel on one of our selected voyages and enjoy your trip with no Single Supplement charge. Offer is valid on any Classic Voyage trip booked within 90 days of travel."
See link for full details:
http://www.hurtigruten.co.uk/Special-Of … ent_offers

Have you spotted any other travel opportunity with no single supplement

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