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Single supplement

I hope it goes well @Kath3852 & do let us know how you get on.

Essex UK

I am off on my first single coach holiday – Leger holidays have some specifically for singles. I have no idea what to expect but hope that there are others up for a good time

Let us know how you get on @Luna


Yes just have to pay up. Looking to go on the Rocky Mountaineer, this is what started off the single supplement question for me. Will look at Riviera Travel and see what they come up with.

Sutton coldfield

Life just isn’t fair – as I try and explain to the grandsons when they start complaining… I’m not one to sit at home knitting either, although I’m nowhere near as adventurous as Jo is!


I agree – it is hard when everything is aimed at couples. But years ago, when I was first widowed and most of my friends happily married, I decided that I could either get out there and do stuff on my own, in spite of the cost and occasional ‘where is your husband?’ question, or I could sit at home and knit for days on end.

It is clearly hugely unfair. But it’s unfair for disabled people who have restricted access to all sorts of things – and, when i unpick it, I think they have a tougher time than I do.

Everything is still aimed at two people, one could get a complex. In reality there are more single people that ever, yet still it is assumed the ideal is two, when it comes to finding out, going on holiday. Even buying a pit of tea, tea for one £2.50 one tea bag, tea for two £4.00 two tea bags, it is so petty.

Sutton coldfield

We are lucky as there are two very good local companies that run a range of both day tours and short breaks (plus another one which I would only use if desperate). If there is a single supplement it is usually only a few pounds. The drivers have all been excellent and get to know passengers – their quirks and foibles – and always remember who you are on subsequent trips acknowledging you by Christian name before you’ve even had time to say ‘hello’. Another bonus is the local pick up.

I think it is very much luck when it comes to driver jokes, some people seem to think they are excruciatingly funny when they aren’t. I hate this and intensely dislike canned music too. Did you talk to the driver about this or the company afterwards @menina The way they respond is very revealing.

An increasing number of companies are offering a few places on their holidays with no single supplement (Riviera Travel for example) but you do need to book early to be sure of one of these.


Welcome to the Forum @menina

My only coach experience is with Just Go and they were very good, the tour manager has the mike, so no dodgy jokes from the driver (although he was a really nice guy and wouldn’t have told any anyway). I didn’t travel as a single but there were quite a few singles on the trip. It was an interesting mix of those who wanted to mix and socialise, plus those who wanted to do their own thing. Even to the extent that one lady wished to dine alone in another part of the restaurant and was accommodated. No one minded, each to their own.

You can read about my trip here:


and I see on their web site they have a single travellers section:


Essex UK

Ramblers do some interesting holidays, @menina – and they are working to increase the number that have no single room supplement. They aren’t all walking holidays – so don’t be confused by the name. They have sight-seeing trips, or special interest holidays. You can find them "here. ":https://www.ramblersholidays.co.uk/home

Like everywhere, the guides vary – but if anyone tells dubious, verging on racist, jokes – I’d complain to the company. It’s totally unacceptable. I used to go with them (a long time ago) and never had a problem with music on a coach.

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