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Great picture everyone. Sorry I wasn’t there to enjoy it with you.

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Thanks. As we were all suitably branded I didn’t grab for the bag (there was a box of them close to my feet). No I don’t think it would have counted and as Linda was taking the photo I wasn’t going to chance my arm hogging three ladies at once . Perhaps a thorn with 3 roses should be the caption

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Great picture. Steve, you missed a trick there – you should have had your silver travel bag with you. Would this count as hugging three ‘tourists’?


Thanks Jo & David. Here’s a picture of the happy crew:

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Glad you had such a great day.

Sounds like you had a great time Steve, pleased all went well – Job done….

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Great day today meeting some existing Silvertravel members & some new ones. Great pleasure to meet Steve Francis aka Biffo who has written some great blogs about his travels around Thailand & has been our man on the ground during the troubles in Bangkok. Also a real privilege to spend some quality time with John Carter who was the roving TV correspondent for many years.

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The day is here & the sun is shining. Hope to see some of you at the show today.

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You will manage with ease, I have every confidence.

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