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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - November 2018

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What a lovely surprise, Andrew!
I’ve just spent much of November helping my daughter move house (lots of scrubbing was involved!)…and now looking forward to putting my feet up with a few good books.
So…many thanks


Congratulations @GeminiJen and @yorkshirecat – you’ve both won a copy of ’Sail Away, by Celia Imrie, the Silver Travel Book Club book of the month for November 2018.

A copy of the book should be winging its way to you soon. Enjoy reading this witty story of life on board a ship sailing across the Atlantic, and thanks to you both – and to everyone else – for commenting on this Forum.

Happy reading and happy travelling,

Literary Editor

While on one of The ‘Hebridean Princess’ cruise ships from Oban,with friends from England ,we were involved in a terrible storm.
Not being the best of sailors I was up all night . Very unhappy !
But then,at breakfast— In front of me was a boiled egg and toast, which I was determined to eat.
The waiter looked at me in horror at the thought of what might happen. So to ease his mind ,I said." Please, ask the captain not to move this ship until I have finished my egg" .
A few minutes later the captain came on the Tannoy, stating that we would be staying in port [ and why.!] until one of his lady friends {with my name given} told him his ship could move again !
.All eyes turned onto me. That egg just had to be swallowed, to loud laughter and clapping,
After we stayed another hour the captain decide it was too rough at sea,So he would send us all on a coach trip, Thank goodness, at least we would not be sea swimming,
Beautiful views,Great company,and stopping for a coffee in half an hour ,We are all Happy Happy
The bus is speeding up, that is fast to be going down this , very very steep hill?——-brake driver- brake- .Can’t he yelled,“The brakes have failed” .


Thanks everyone for all your brilliant comments this month about experiences on board ships of various sizes and in different locations.

There’s still time – until midnight tonight – to win a copy of Celia Imrie’s ‘Sail Away’, ‘the deliciously witty, irresistibly indulgent new novel from the top ten Sunday Times bestselling author of Not Quite Nice, following the exploits of two women on an Atlantic cruise ship.’

What amusing experiences have you had whilst crossing the Atlantic? Which, erm, strange and interesting characters have you met on a cruise ship? Or what unexpected rewards have you stumbled up on the high seas?

Join this Forum thread, or comment on Silver Travel’s Facebook page, and the best two entries from Silver Travellers will each win a copy of Sail Away.

I love her writing, read two of her, highly amusing and entertaining books, situated in the ex patriot community on the French Riviera and this one looks even better. Would love to win most especially as we are going on our first cruise, for our fortieth wedding anniversary, in July 2019.


Looks an interesting read. Only ever been on a river cruise which was wonderful, I have always worried about sea sickness on a big cruise as I am the world’s worst sailor!

I must read that book over the holiday week.I would like some light relief,It is not too heavy to enjoy according to your message content,And as I am new to a lap top life.I find turning pages a relaxation .So,no downloading or whatever this contraption is capable of.I will walk into my local bookshop and hand over my hard won cash.Or bargain with a few dozen fresh farm eggs! The last book I read was, The Retreat of Western liberalism ,by Edward Luce.Well written and not too heavy,despite the title.A hand held book is so comforting as mind and words become one, lost in a world far removed from, time ,place and self.Yet a novel which does not hold the key, opens no door to that wonderful escape.


Wow i love reading and i love cruising. I would love to win this book. If not i will put it on my Christmas list


Hello everyone. Thanks for all the great comments flooding in as we Sail Away with Celia Imrie in November.

@Cherry-Eddy – have you met Celia Imrie ‘in the flesh’? Yes, she does exude fun and wit, doesn’t she! Have you had any cruise experiences of your own, whether on a calm river or on the high seas? An entertaining memory could help you to Sail Away with a book…..

@you – sorry to hear that you’ve been a little disappointed by your previous experiences on water, and particularly by the behaviour of your fellow passengers. Any especially memorable incidents you can share with us here?

@philatel – wow, that cruise up – or down? – the Yangtze must have been a bit special. Was the Chinese food ‘local’ or sanitised for Western tastes? Is there a dish that sticks in the memory more than others? Or a larger-than-life character you met on board?

We’re very proud that Emerald Waterways are now sponsoring the Silver Travel Book Club. I’m excited – and very lucky – to be going on their Enchantment of Eastern Europe cruise next May, down – or up? – the Danube, from Budapest to Bucharest. It will be hard work though…I’ll be reading and reporting back to Silver Travellers on books set very firmly along the route of the itinerary.

And @philatel again, Emerald Waterways don’t currently offer a cruise along the Yangtze, but I love the sound of their Mekong trip, exploring Cambodia and Vietnam along the way. Now that food I would like to try! And I can imagine reading some very engaging books on that itinerary….

Happy reading and happy boating.

Literary Editor

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