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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - March 2018

Best cruise I have been on was on P&O’s Oriana Northern Lights Cruise. Just loved it. Did dog sledding in Tromso but with a local company not P&O – one of the best days of my life.

Thanks to the generosity of publishers Penguin Random House, we’re pleased to announce three winners will each receive a copy of the March book of the month Do Not Become Alarmed by Maile Meloy.

Congratulations @SA-Takkies @Sararose and @Sue_95 – a copy of the book will soon be winging its way to your front door.

Happy reading and happy travelling.

@littlebob – ‘I get the impression that cruises are a bit like marmite.’ Absolutely! And, like you, I’m not sure I get them…although I can understand the attractions, and why so many people embrace the comfort, services, food and security. I’m looking forward to helping the Silver Travel team out on a ship visit in May….perhaps I can begin to understand the taste of marmite.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

I have never been on a cruise, but I would love to see the Norweigan fjords on a cruise. I have friends who cruised from Valparaiso to Buenos Aires, which was a 3 week journey. I get the impression that cruises are a bit like marmite.

Thanks for the further comments on this thread as our March Book of the Month draws to a close.

@jt75 – I’ve heard great things about travelling with Silver Travel partner Hurtigruten. Hope you get to see the Northern lights on board one of their ships very soon.

@Cruzeroqueen1 – there are worse things to be addicted to than cruises! Wow, the ‘Wake of the Bounty’ trip sounds very exotic. You may know that Silver Travel partner TripFiction focuses on books with a strong sense of place and allows readers to see a location through an author’s eyes. Well, perhaps there is a place for cruises following in the footsteps of people, whether real or from the silver screen, like you did for the crew of the Bounty….

Look out for a highly topical subject in the Silver Travel Book Club’s book of the month for April, coming very soon.


I am a cruisaholic and have just completed my 28th – but there’s always room for one more! I think my most memorable one was called ‘In the Wake of the Bounty’ and went from Tahiti to Bora Bara, Moorea, Rangiroa, Pitcairn Island, Easter Island (fantastic place!), Robinson Crusoe Island (formerly known as Mas a Tierra, part of the Juan Fernandez island group) and ending in Valparaiso before heading off to Santiago for a 3 day stay.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

I was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights last November while on a bird watching holiday in Scotland and would love to go on a cruise with Hurtigruten to see them again.

This month’s Silver Travel Book Club book of the month is ‘Do Not Become Alarmed’ by Maile Meloy. It is a well written and sharply observed tale of what goes wrong when a few families disembark from their cruise ship for an excursion on dry land, somewhere in Central America.

We’d love to hear what exotic destinations you would like to visit on a cruise, or perhaps what your most enjoyable cruise has been already?

I must admit I’m not a huge fan of cruise ship holidays myself. I completely understand the attractions, but I prefer a trip that gives me the opportunity to really get under the skin of a place and its people, rather than just dipping in on day-trips ashore.

But I have had a couple of memorable experiences from a lifetime ago….

My Dad worked in the travel business in the 1960s, and I must have been 5 or 6 when he was given a free promotional trip for the family, on a cruise ship around the western Mediterranean. We got attacked by Barbary Apes in Gibraltar, bought dodgy watches from the market in Tangiers, marvelled at the Italian coastline, walked around Capri and my brother fainted during a few days in Rome, during an August heatwave.

And 20 years later, as a newly-qualified accountant living in Bermuda, a group of us rented some tuxedos and hopped on board a ship cruising down to the Bahamas from Miami for Christmas. We bought hats in the straw market in Nassau, and spent Christmas Day drinking rum and limbo-dancing on our own Bahamian ‘Out’ island. Bliss.

If I do jump back on board a ship, I think it might be a river cruise and on a smaller, more intimate vessel. Portugal, perhaps?

Wherever I go, a book will travel with me. Check out Silver Travel Advisor partner TripFiction, for books with a strong sense of place that help you see a location through an author’s eyes.

Thanks everyone for the further comments on this month’s Silver Travel Book Club thread.

@wallers – well, your cruise from Genoa to north Africa and the Iberian peninsula sounds fairly exotic. But the Bay of Biscay is always a bit of a challenge in rough weather, and not much fun, eh! Hope you get to visit some of those other places on your cruise wish-list and I couldn’t agree more, travel really does broaden the mind and help you understand a place and its people, doesn’t it?

@Teens – thanks for your interesting comment. I’m not sure I knew Swan Hellenic had sailed off to the scrapyard. I think they were one of the first to provide ‘intelligent cruise experiences’, with those specialist speakers you mentioned, and itineraries constructed around art, history, archaeology & architecture? What a shame, especially as it does seem to have been a competition about who can build the biggest cruise ship for a while now? What did you think about the book? Have you been to Central America, where ‘Do Not Become Alarmed’ is based?

@Sararose – what a great story! I wonder if any other Silver Travellers can say they found a husband on their cruise….? You conjure up a great image of Seville at fiesta time, and I guess that is one of the great advantages of cruising….the ability to visit many completely different ports of call, whilst returning to the comfort of your ship. Good luck getting to the Norwegian fjords!

@Happy-Traveller_3 – I can fully understand why you’d like to explore Norway on the Hurtigruten. Everyone says it is such a great experience, and it sounds nicely different from the usual ‘posh’ cruise ships. Hopefully you’ve seen all these great reviews from other Silver Travellers enjoying trips with one of Silver Travel’s most popular partners?

@earlyfrost – hope you get to cruise the Baltic Sea soon. And St Petersburg sounds like a beautiful city too:

My wish-list cruise destination is the Baltic – going to St Petersburg and seeing a little of the ffyords.

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