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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - June 2018

This month the Silver Travel Book Club is reading Roam Alone: Inspiring tales by reluctant solo travellers by Phoebe Smith. It has been chosen to tie in with this month’s holiday prize of a trip to Santorini with Club Solos.

All the contributors to this unique book were initially reluctant solo travellers, apprehensive about taking the plunge to go it alone after years of travel with a partner or friend. Some have embarked on the trip of a lifetime, walking or cycling alone through potentially hostile countries, but finding only kindness and hospitality – with a few hairy adventures thrown in.

One story is by Bradt founder Hilary Bradt, who confronted her fears and set out to fulfil a childhood dream to ride a horse through Ireland shortly after her marriage broke up. Others are widows and widowers in their later years who were anxious about joining an organised trip on their own or who wanted to make a difference in the world by volunteering their experience and knowledge.

Many ages, many personalities, one goal: to travel, and one stumbling block: anxiety.

Part literature, part guide, with tips for successful solo travel. Reassuring, entertaining and inspiring

We’d love to hear about your own solo travelling experiences, whether reluctant or preferred. Join this Forum thread, or comment on Silver Travel’s Facebook page, and the best two entries from Silver Travellers will win a copy of Roam Alone.

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