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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - June 2018

I enjoyed sharing your romance with it’s happy ending, @Sararose

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

My most memorable solo holiday was when I saw an advert for a Mediterranean cruise at a very reasonable price! I found out that as a solo passenger I could share a cabin with a person unknown which kept the cost down. I was ready for a holiday and keen to get away from a rather posessive boyfriend! A coach picked passengers up from Nottingham so getting to Plymouth was not a problem.
Fortunately I found myself sharing a cabin with a veteran solo traveller and she knew all the ropes! We hit it off straight away and became quite good friends even after the holiday was over. There were quite a few solo passengers and we all met up at a welcome party where my new cabin mate and I eyed up a rather good looking member of staff! His job was to give lectures about the ports of call (and sell as many as he possibly could)! He was also obliged to dance with the passengers and as I loved dancing we quickly hit the dance floor.
Although my new cabin mate danced with the ship’s lecturer she soon found out that I was his preferred partner, In fact he got into trouble with his boss for not dancing with ALL the single ladies!
As the holiday continued a real romance developed and we had our first on shore date visiting Gibralter. It is a pity it was too windy to go up to The Rock as we found the town to be rather dirty and unattractive.
I have many happy memories of this holiday, the best being a shore visit to the fiesta in Seville, where we attempted to dance the flamenco and drank manzanilla in one of the casetas. I was also very impressed with the cathedral in Santiago de Compestala where we saw the priests swinging huge incense burners.
By the end of the fortnight I was in love and obviously felt that my solo holiday had been a great success! I finished with my boyfriend by telegram and just hoped that my new relationship would last! The ships company unfortunately went bust later on that year and my new love, now out of a job, visited me, we became engaged and married a year later.

I have travelled alone by choice for many years now! I found that when I travelled with a companion, I would end up doing & seeing the things they wanted to do & see & not the things I would have liked to do & see!
So now I go it alone & enjoy the freedom to do what I want, when I want.
I always meet other people, quite often couples who welcome a third party to chat with, have dinner with or even make excursions with, which didn’t happen when I travelled with friends.
My most recent solo trip was to China, which I have wanted to visit for so many years! It was an amazing experience! I drew up my own itinerary & it was the best feeling in the world to be standing on the Great Wall at Badaling & watching the antics of the Great Pandas in Chengdu!
Now I am planning my next solo expedition!

The title sums things up perfectly…..and luring me in to want to read it. Lets me know I am not the only one. Would love to win this book.

It is a great read, quite thought provoking in some stories. And some written by Silver Travel Advisor writers too. What always amazes me when travelling solo, is how wonderful and friendly most people are, fellow travellers and local people alike. I love the freedom of being alone, and thus able to suit myself! On my last trip to Turkey, I was ‘adopted’ by a tremendous couple in their late 70s, who taught me how to make whisky sours. And previously, whilst in the Sinai I was ‘chaperoned’ by a flamboyant couple of antique dealers (Roger and John) when one of the Bedouin tried to get a little closer than I was comfortable with.
Looking back, those experiences are so memorable and I would travel again alone in a heartbeat.
Read this book, you’ll be inspired!

Hmm……….interesting need to read it.

Thank you for your kind comments @AndrewMorris and @coolonespa

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

An inspirational recollection @Cruzeroqueen1 Well done Gill, shows its not all going to be roses but the overall result is great.

Essex UK

Thanks @Cruzeroqueen1 for such an inspiring first comment on this Forum thread for our June Book Club title – Roam Alone.

As the summary of the book says: Many ages, many personalities, one goal: to travel, and one stumbling block: anxiety.

How brave of you to go on that first solo cruise, to sit down at that dinner table on the first night….and then to be bold enough to recover from that disastrous experience, and make the most of all the other travel experiences since then.


After sharing a few holidays together, OH decided he didn’t want to travel any more. As most of my friends were married, they holidayed with their husbands. In my younger days circumstances dictated I couldn’t afford a holiday for many years, but now I could, and I wanted to see the world. With great trepidation I booked a cruise on my own, and was petrified at the beginning. I had requested to be seated on a table for 8 or 10, thinking it would be a good opportunity to hopefully make new friends and share excursions. So that first night I presented myself at my allotted table, and there I sat – alone – all evening. I was devastated and could have packed up and gone home that very night. Fortunately I had the presence of mind to contact the Maitre’d, who was very apologetic and assured me that many people were very tired from travelling and on the first night preferred to eat in the buffet and have an early night, but he would ensure I had dining companions the next night.

Sure enough the next evening the table was full, including 3 other solo travellers, and we all got on very well together, couples included, and enjoyed many trips together, and I am still friendly with some of those I met on that first solo outing. Since then, I have done almost 30 cruises, some solo and others with a friend, and would assure anyone that if you are travelling alone, then a cruise is the ideal situation, as most cruisers are very friendly. Nowadays I also join CruiseCritics Roll Call and ‘chat’ with others who are booked on the same cruise and in most cases make arrangements to foin forces for excursions before every meeting up. There is life out there for the solo traveller!

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Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain
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