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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - June 2018

Congratulations @Cruzeroqueen1 and @shellee1 enjoy the book.

Essex UK

Thank you, @AndrewMorris – I await it’s arrival with great anticiipation!

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Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

@AndrewMorris thank you ever so much, I’m really looking forward to reading it :) x

Belated congratulations to @Cruzeroqueen1 and @shellee1 – they have both won a copy of the Silver Travel Book Club book of the month for June.

A copy of Roam Alone has been sent to them and they will hopefully enjoy reading this inspiring collection of stories by solo travellers.

Traveling alone has become much easier than it used to be. I remember twenty years ago getting frustrated trying to book holidays as a single person only to find that the very few single spots on a tour were already taken. I was on a six month leave from work to travel and friends were not always able to get time off work to travel with me, especially if we worked at the same place. Eventually I was able to get on some great tours but it took a lot of looking to find them. I was beginning to think that the travel industry catered solely to couples. There were always a few other singles on the tours and we usually clumped up together, often with others on the tour as well. That first year I saw the wonderful castles of mad King Ludwig, spent a wonderful week based in Oban and another week based in Ostend. Since then I’ve been on other tours including one through Prague, Budapest and Vienna and another through the Scottish Highlands based in Gairloch. Now, when I’m not traveling with family or friends I usually go to a city for a week or so rather than a tour so it isn’t an issue. One of these days I may even try one of the solo tours. However, now we’re older and most of my family that I travel with is retired, I’m usually not on my own anymore.

I very much enjoyed reading these inspiring stories. This book sounds like an inspiring read for solo travellers. Enjoy every one.

I went to Argentina and Patagonia as a solo traveller and while I am sure the trip would have still been incredible if I had travelled with others, I found that I got to interact with and in some cases befriend more people which really made the experience extra special. The other bonus is that you can do as you please without worrying about what other people want to do – selfish maybe, but on a trip of a lifetime as this was, I was glad I did get to do all that I wanted to do with no regrets.

I am recently widowed but have always been a keen traveller with my late husband. I would love to continue going on lovely holidays and I would love to read the book – hope I am lucky enough to win a copy

Thanks everyone for these inspiring comments on Roam Alone, this month’s Silver Travel Book Club selection.

Couldn’t agree more @JennieSilver – as much as I love travelling with my missus, a solo trip often creates a completely different interaction with people. Thanks for endorsing the book and, like you, I would never hesitate to travel alone again.

@Wildthing1234 – ‘flying solo’ is an increasing sector of the travel market, I would guess. Have you seen this month’s competition? – win a holiday in Santorini with Silver Travel Partner Solos Holidays.

There are many other specialist tour operators out there, and many solo Silver Travellers say how well cruises cater for the single passengers.

@CCH – thanks for your comment about the positives in travelling alone. Great story about your China trip, and looking forward to hearing where you’re off to next.

@Sararose – thanks for sharing your entertaining story about such a happy solo adventure. Was your possessive ex-boyfriend brave enough to travel on his own after you found your new love on the ship’s dance floor, do you know?

@notdeadyet – I really hope Roam Alone inspires you to travel solo. There are some great opportunities out there, and many friendly people to help you make the most of a solo trip. Check out Silver Travel Partners Travel One, Solos Holidays and Solos Activity Holidays, for example.

This may be just what I need to get me out of the house and into the big wide world.

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