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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - February 2019

Thanks everyone for your inspiring comments about your own walking memories and experiences.

@MOUNTAINGOAT – how far have you got with Kate Humble’s ‘Thinking on My Feet’, this month’s Silver Travel Book Club choice? Good luck with the operation, and hope you’re soon up and about, and enjoying more walks.

@JKM – thanks for the follow-up to your comment about that epic 3 day walk in remote Papua New Guinea. ‘You just have to keep putting one foot in front of another.’ How true! I felt like that on Kilimanjaro summit night, running on empty, suffering from altitude sickness and dehydration….but it wasn’t nearly as scary as your PNG adventure!

@LH paints a beautiful picture of England’s classic Coast to Coast walk, passing through the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors National Parks.

@pendine50 – Kate’s book espouses the benefits of walking, of ‘how a mood is lifted by the song of a skylark, a fragrant sea of bluebells or the crashing waves on a windswept beach. How problems can be solved and sorrows released.’ I hope the simple act of putting one foot in front of another helps you through your grief.

@The-lone-traveller – what an uplifting tale of how you helped two young asthmatic girls walking in the Lake District, and you’re absolutely right: ‘the freedom of being outside is a free gift.’

@JudyP – thanks for sharing how your solo walking experiences with HF Holidays helped you to recover from your divorce. I’m sure you know already that HF are a partner of Silver Travel Advisor – they have plenty more walking holidays for you to enjoy, in the UK and around the world! https://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/partner/161999-hf-holidays

Please keep the inspiring comments coming, so that you can win a copy of Kate’s uplifting book. It moves through the seasons, telling of her walking year. What is your most memorable winter walk, I wonder….?

This sounds just my sort of book – love to read and win.


After my divorce went walking in Dovedale/ the Peak District with HF holidays. It was my first time using them and made me so welcome as a solo walker. It was memorable because they provided companionship in lovely surroundings and made me believe in myself and ability to get out and about again. Thank you. I have since travelled with them to Shropshire and N Wales.


Kate’s book sounds very interesting. I recall Many years ago leading walks in the Lake District and there was a family walking with me, neither of the daughters ( Aged about 11 and 13 ) had done much walking up hills. These girls both suffered from asthma and one also had poor sight and both were very apprehensive about the walk, I decided to gradually walk up the fell and about every dozen steps, suggested we look at the scenery where we had walked. Both girls were very breathless but we continued as they admired the scenery and enjoyed the fresh clean air. To my astonishment and there parents surprise we reached the top of the fell, the joy and happiness these two girls had was rewarding both to their parents and myself. It has always reminded me the beauty of the countryside, observing wild life and the freedom of being outside is a free gift

Kate certainly lives up to her surname!

My most memorable walking holiday was Coast to Coast – dip your toe in the Atlantic nr St Bees Head in Cumbria, walk through three fantastic national parks: the Lake District with high level options over Red Pike, through the Yorkshire Dales by High and Low Force waterfalls and having to detour by a river when chased by a rottweiler guarding the farm (it watched us from above as we walked all round its territory), and finally over the North York Moors vibrant in colourful heather, all the way down from the Red Lion overnight stay to just missing the steam train to our accommodation so an 18 mile walking day! Finally seeing the coast to the East – a splendid walking holiday and plenty of time for letting the outdoors relax you and put your life in perspective.

I am walking through grief. When it first happened I wanted to walk off the edge of the world but that did not happen. Instead I just walk, I notice many things but mostly how we need to nurture our bodies and our souls.Walking can do both.

This book sounds brilliant!

Books sounds great. Love walking and enjoying our beautiful countryside so would be an ideal win and always loved Kate’s style of presenting so sure her book would be just as good.

Re your feeling safe comment Andrew, I was looked after very well by my companions. There was one point though when it was particularly steep and one of them gave me a push up a slope. He said “Do not be afraid”. The weird thing was that until that point I hadn’t occured to me that maybe I should be afraid! Then I briefly thought maybe I should be afraid. But actually that’s not helpful. You just have to keep putting one foot in front of another. It was tough, but on the flip side, how lucky was I to experience the beauty of a rainforest and rivers up close.

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