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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - December 2018

Happy new year Endy,

Thank you for your comments.Nothing has really changed in travel . If you are like me you never march round with reps. {Sorry folks!} I just take off, unless in Egypt where the history fascinates me.
Last time I did go off , with two new friends I had made on board ship. We met a young lad with a sail boat, hired him,and miles away landed up at a Nubian village .Ended up having tea and talking , Pigeon English and hand speech with the ladies of a house .
The ships captain was worried . Had we become prisoners of some fanatical group?
Then we were seen coming back, with me at the helm. All that was wrong with us was too much sun, and we were full of tea and cake , but with huge smiles on our faces .
It was great to feel unpackaged and walking in freedom.We really have become like parcels Taken from point to point with put on shows along the way.Yet some people would never travel without this form of movement.So it does have a place.
And fear of terrorism has to be kept in mind for tourists safety. I understand that.
Now that I am an ancient traveller , I guess I will have to join all the kind reps who do try very hard to be helpful.
But, maybe, I will hire a jet propelled walking stick. Face it south, and push the button ! Well, at least it will travel 5ft 2 inches as I fall on my face.

Thank you all for your kind words awaiting the book with great joy ,crane ready to lift it out of the post van. I hear it is heavy!


Thank you @MOUNTAINGOAT and @elena for your stories; they both, for slightly different reasons, took me back to tales of long-ago travel in lands much-different-from-today. I wonder if it’s time for you both to expand on those stories, and set up separate threads to share more of your tales?

Well done @MOUNTAINGOAT and @elena_2 – Enjoy!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Congratulations to MOUNTAINGOAT and elena_2, they have both won a copy of the Silver Travel Book Club’s book of the month in December, the inspirational ‘Journeys of a Lifetime’ from National Geographic.

A copy of the book will soon be dropping on to their doormats.

Happy reading, happy travelling and all the best for an adventurous 2019 to them and to all Silver Travellers and members of the Silver Travel Book Club, now proudly sponsored by Emerald Waterways.

Literary Editor
The Silver Travel Book Club

The fascinating comments keep on coming….National Geographic’s ‘Journeys of a Lifetime’ has clearly inspired you all.

@elena_2 – I loved your vivid memories and images of Tashkent, and how touching that you’ve maintained the ‘New Year watermelon’ tradition to this day.

And @SuzCG – what a lovely comment about that youthful trip to Australia with your Dad….‘3 weeks of travel but a lifetime of memories.’

There are still a few days left to try and win a copy of this beautiful and inspirational travel book. Just join this Forum thread, or comment on Silver Travel Advisor’s Facebook page, to tell us about your own most memorable trip or travel experience. The two best entries will each win a copy of ‘Journeys of a Lifetime’.

The Silver Travel Book Club is proudly sponsored by Emerald Waterways. We’re delighted that the last book choice for 2018 has inspired so many readers to write about their own epic travel adventures, and look forward to more exciting literary journeys together in 2019.

Literary Editor of the Silver Travel Book Club

Cuba is am amazing place to visit and the cases, their equipment of air bnb is a brilliant way of learning so much about the country, but also the best places to visit.

Another memorable trip for me was for my 21st birthday when my Dad took me out to Australia to meet his sister & family, who I’d never met. We stopped in Singapore en-route which was very special. Meeting my relatives was amazing and they took us to see such great sights – seeing my first big male kangaroo out in the wild was awesome! I’d never spent such quality time with my Dad, and seeing him with his sister was so special, the bond between them there so vividly, despite the years apart. 3 weeks of travel but a lifetime of memories!

My most memorable journey was in late December 1966 when I was four. My mother and I travelled by train to Tashkent to visit relatives. At midnight, all people in the carriage were woken up by an Uzbek steward wishing everybody a happy New Year. He cut a gigantic watermelon that he had bought for the passengers and everyone had a slice. People started singing and soon a party was in full swing. Tashkent suffered an earthquake in April of that year and the scars were still visible. I remember seeing huge cracks in the walls of the shop “Children’s World” where my uncle bought me my first yo-yo. The weather was warm and the Christmas tree in the city square was covered in dust, not snow. I still buy a watermelon for the New Year celebrations: it brings happy memories.

My most memorable journey was travelling to New Zealand, aged just 19. It rained for the first 3 days solidly then the sun came out (and I got burned terribly). I explored both north & south islands, touristy places and some remote, only accessible by boat places. The friendliest people I’ve ever met in my life. I’d love to return!

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments on this month’s Silver Travel Book Club (proudly sponsored by Emerald Waterways) book of the month. National Geographic’s ‘Journeys of a Lifetime’ has clearly prompted memories of your own epic travel adventures, or brought to the surface dreams of journeys still to come.

I love the images of memorable Arctic journeys conjured up by @the4ts and @The-lone-traveller – contrasting so vividly with the whimsical – and slightly scary – adventures of @MOUNTAINGOAT in the warmer climate of Morocco.

Journeys of a Lifetime’ has been completely updated for its 10th anniversary, and this inspirational travel guide reveals 500 celebrated and lesser-known destinations from around the globe, from ocean cruises in Antarctica to horse treks in the Andes. Compiled from the favourite trips of National Geographic’s legendary travel writers, this beautiful book will hopefully prompt memories of your own trips and inspire you to think about your next adventure.

What has been your own ‘*Journey of a Lifetime*’? What was the most memorable mode of transport you’ve experienced whilst travelling? Your favourite museum?

Join this Forum thread, or comment on Silver Travel’s Facebook page, to tell us about your most adventurous trip or enjoyable travel experience and the best two entries from Silver Travellers will each win a copy of Journeys of a Lifetime.

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