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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - December 2017

Very Eagle eyed of you @pink & yes it does.

The book club is largely Forum based & so @AndrewMorris announces the winner using their User ID plus the list of winners has its own page, which also mentions their User ID

Other competitions have a variety of methods by which you can enter and on the list of prize winners the winners published by @Silver-Travel-Advisor are mentioned by name but not User ID.

So members are referred to in one way only to protect the anonymity of their forum posts & reviews as I explained on the other Thread.

Essex UK

AndrewMorris wrote:

@Solent_Richard and @FKarbal

does the book club come under a different system @coolonespa ?

Congratulations to @Solent_Richard and @FKarbal, who have both won a copy of Skipping Christmas by John Grisham, the Silver Travel Book Club book of the month in December. They should soon receive their copy of the book and I wonder if they will read it in January, or wait until December…..?

Either way, hopefully they will leave their comments on this Forum thread.

We have a very different book to read in January – Road to Rouen by Ben Hatch. More on the Forum thread here.

Happy New Year and happy reading!


My husband and I went to Fuertaventura two years ago, just before Christmas. We also took the Fred Olsen ferry across to Lanzarote. It was great to be in the sun instead ofthe ice and snow at home, but quite weird to see all the tinsel decorations glinting in the sun.

thanks cruzeroqueen
less than a week to go now, so time to get into the festive spirit methinks

Good point, @pink

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

i do find it interesting to see what others consider to be “opting out of christmas”. i’ve sat on the beach applying sunscreen on christmas day, enjoying salad followed by strawberries for lunch ~ and it was just as much a traditional christmas as anywhere else in the world (just different weather from usual). did sta-ers who went travelling at christmas send cards? give presents? attend church? wish each other merry christmas? that (or rather, the mad-rush of preparations) is the bit i’ve often wanted to opt out of ~ but in the end i always realise that it’s a time of year for goodwill and cheer, for catching up with friends the busy world has stopped me visiting, for wishing well to strangers; even for taking a deep breath (out) and relishing being alive. and really i don’t want to bah-humbug that bit.

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Thanks everyone for the latest insightful comments about Skipping Christmas…it’s definitely a theme that seems to have struck a chord with literary Silver Travellers.

@Snowstar – what a thoughtful, altruistic message. And yes, we do sadly seem to have forgotten the real meaning of Christmas, don’t we?

@Teens – succumb to that temptation….what could possibly go wrong? Thanks for your kind festive wishes. Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas too, and have a happy, healthy and successful 2018.

@carrowkid – thanks for the great memory of when you Skipped Christmas. Nothing like schooltime one-upmanship, is there! Have you Skipped Christmas again since?

@ESW – what wonderful memories of special unspoiled Christmases you enjoyed with Hadrian and a few sheep. Thanks so much for sharing.

Whether you’re Skipping Christmas this year, or staying at home with family, friends and all the usual traditions, have a very happy festive season and look forward to seeing you in 2018 for loads more interesting books to read with the Silver Travel Book Club.

Many years ago, before Christmas was charged at high season rates, we used to rent a cottage in Haltwhistle for the two weeks over Christmas. If the weather was nice we used to go out walking everyday. We would go to the carol service in the church on Christmas Eve. I remember one year it was a clear but bitterly cold night. We came out of the church to a sky full of stars and a halo round the moon . It was magical.

Christmas lunch was sandwiches eaten on Hadrian’s Wall with views of Crag Lough and a few sheep for company.

They were some of the best Christmases we had.

Later, elderly parents meant we felt we ought to spend Christmas with them. Daughter and I still look back with nostalgia for those few wonderful Christmases by ourselves and away from all the commercialism and spend, spend, spend of today.


I remember being taken on a Christmas cruise by my parents one year in the 1970s. It was a surreal experience sunbathing on deck on Christmas Day. It certainly didn’t seem like a proper Christmas but it was great fun returning to school sporting a golden tan when all my classmates had pale and pasty winter skin!

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