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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - August 2018

Congratulations @BigDreamer and @Happy-Traveller_3 – you have both won a copy of the Silver Travel Book Club’s Book of the Month for August, Flight Before Dawn by Megan Easley-Walsh. Set in Normandy, the book vividly captures the constant fear and mistrust of life in the Resistance during WW2, in the midst of a community torn asunder by the German occupation.

Happy reading and happy travelling!

Literary Editor

…and the winner is….????

Wakefield, West Yorks.

Love St Malo! A great beach , lots of kite surfers and families out enjoying the sea and sun! What a pity so many of us just drive straight through!

What an enchanting memory of Normandy @BigDreamer – thanks so much for sharing that with other Silver Travel Book Club members. It’s amazing how often food is one of the main memories and ‘identifiers’ of a place for us, isn’t it? Hard to imagine a life without cheese, too!

I don’t suppose you’re still in touch with Marie-Claire, are you? I enjoyed two brilliant exchange trips in my teens in the 1970s with German lads and their families, both in Koblenz. I stumbled across a photo of one of them the other day, and wondered how their lives have panned out….

Thanks again,


It has been over forty years since I visited Normandy. I had two wonderful holidays staying with my French exchange Penfriend Marie-Claire, she lived in Rouen, and her Dad had his own butcher’s shop. I was 18 years old, and in two week’s there I sampled such a wide variety of food from calves brains, to rabbit, exquisite pastries. Plus I learnt to eat cheese again. Yes it’s true I stopped eating cheese from the age of 8 and then ten year’s later boom, I couldn’t resist these full fat, smelly blue cheeses. Wonderful, take me back please.

St Malo is a stunning place to visit and was definitely worth a rough crossing !!

Thanks @SarahW and @Ozdevon for your memories of Normandy.

What was Mont St. Michel like, Sarah?

And agreed @Ozdevon ….how can you possibly visit this area without counting your blessings, and wondering what if.….?

Our August Silver Travel Book Club choice of Flight Before Dawn gives an idea of life in the Resistance just one year before the D-Day landings, and an insight into what those brave people did at the time to prevent us finding out what else might have happened.

We have been to Normandy numerous times. Perhaps the most poignant was with other members of our family from mainland Europe. Overlooking the beaches I think we all reflected on how lucky we were to have not gone through that. It was a very moving day.

I have never visited Normandy before but hope to do so in the near future!

Not visited this part of France before would really love to.

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