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Silver Travel Awards 2017

I do have a few wide awake moments in a 24 hour period, just not that many

Essex UK

You looked wide awake when I met you at Dubai airport.


Agree with all of that Alan, except I was asleep before the meal arrived.

Essex UK

I flew Emirates for the first time in January to Dubai. I was impressed that you didn’t have to wait for the drinks trolly to come round but rather just asked the stewardess who delivered your order on a tray. A meal that for airline food was extremely good with a Smoked Salmon starter. Seats where not only the back reclined but the squab slid forward making it into an almost semi bed position. Great entertainment, free wi-fi and staff that made you feel you mattered and this was in economy.


I feel a bit cheated now that on my two long haul flights with Emirates I got on the plane and slept most of the journey, clearly I missed out.

Essex UK

Fossil wrote:

Emirates who in my personal opinion offer a service that BA can only dream of.

I totally agree! Dream on BA!

I too was very surprised that British Airways won especially beating Emirates who in my personal opinion offer a service that BA can only dream of.


A great venue, a lovely evening and a very good time was had by all!

Would you believe it? I used to work with Ursula, the lady who won the raffle. Haven’t seen her since the late 90’s and then to see her again at Madame Tussauds of all places.

Thanks for all the interesting posts. That’s what I love about this Forum, we get a real cross section of views highlighting good & not so good experiences. Clearly the most important vote is the one we make with GBP when booking our flights.

In case anyone missed the video of the awards night, here is a great montage of the images from the night:

Essex UK

(IMHO)coolonespa wrote:

people voted for them and did so on the basis of their own experiences

With the exception of Jet2 I have travelled with the other 5 airlines shortlisted and Emirates were by far the best so I totally agree with coolonespa’s statement.

Likewise Fred Olsen was voted the Best Ocean Cruise Line which I disagree. I would rank Cunard and Celebrity above Fred Olsen.

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