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Sea sickness cures

Ginger always works for me!

How much of it is mind over matter? Yes some people suffer from motion sickness but how many people do you meet who say they suffer from sea sickness yet are able to enjoy roller coasters at theme parks, and have no problems in cars, coaches and aircraft.


On the rare occasions I have had it, Stugeron worked for me. I also carry Sea Bands with me, and when very occasionally encountering rough weather, have worn them, with no ill effects.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

I’d second Ginger as worth a try, it has cured my wife (Linda) in most circumstances she used it get sick, ships, boats, cars…… Linda takes it in tablet form & gets them from Holland & Barrett, takes one every morning & again in the evening if necessary. They’re also good for helping your stomachs cope with unusual or richer foods than you’re used to at home.

Having said that, if the sea does kick up quite rough, she sometimes has to supplement them with Sturgeon tablets available at Boots, but it’s rare she needs them.

Essex UK

Ginger is a tradition remedy. I always used to carry a bag of crystallised ginger in a pocket. Even so. I still found the best answer was to go and lie down. My feet and head might be alteratively hitting the bed ends but if I was flat on my back, I was fine!


I’d talk to a pharmacist – he or she will know what might disagree with any other medication you’re taking, and if he/she advises something that’s on prescription you know what to ask the doctor for.

Interesting fact : The Ancient Romans used Rice Pudding as a cure for sea sickness. Not sure if it worked.

Wakefield, West Yorks.

How do others avoid sea sickness or deal with once it starts?

On our first transatlantic cruise I was sea sick for the first four days and slept most of that time after taking pills offered by an Australian nurse which helped. Earlier this month we cruised to the States and I took Metoclopramide prescribed by my GP. It would have been wiser to talk through the instructions with the doctor as once I felt ill on board I read the leaflet which stated maximum 5 days use.

I enjoy cruising when I don’t feel ill and it would be a great shame to give up this fabulous holidays. Maybe a fly cruise is the answer?


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