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Safari holiday

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@Mr.H wrote:


Just wanted to add an additional point about the whales. Frequent sightings of whales are only found at certain times of the year, so if this is an important part of your trip you may have to select a time during “whale season”.

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Good suggestion @Endy


Hi @Mr.H
I’m slightly surprised that no one seems to have directed you to this review
it really is worth a look for the safari part of your planning of your rather marvellous and enviable upcoming trip.
@GDB1 is “our” excellent photographer on the wild, wild and more wild animals thread; just in case you need any inspiration, lol.

Sorry, @Fossil – note to self … must try harder!

JoCarroll wrote:

Personally, I simply wouldn’t take the risk

You’re quite right about not taking any undue risks Jo but the parks to the South of South Africa (when I was in country earlier in the year) are malaria free. Always worth checking with your doctor on the latest position. Some would also say that the parks in the south are not “the real bush”. Its down to personal choice.

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Hi @JoCarroll thanks for the mention but I think it should be @coolonespa


These are great tour advice from @Fossil – malaria is endemic all over Africa, and it comes in waves and pockets, more virulent in some seasons than others. Personally, I simply wouldn’t take the risk – I found far fewer side effects from malarone if I took it with my breakfast. Then plenty of deet in the evenIngs, sleep under a net – tedious, I know, but malaria isn’t worth the risk.

(Or go somewhere like Sri Lanka, which has national parks and no malaria).

Hi @Mr.H & thanks for posting your question.

As you have an outline of the sort of thing you want to do, I’d suggest you browse the websites of some providers to get some more ideas on what you’d like to do, then contact some of them.

You’ll need to decide on things like:
- Group tour or tailor made for you and any companions
- Are you happy to self drive any part of it or want transport provided
- Do you have a list of “must see animals”

Our Africa trip took in a number of countries (not all malaria free) and I wasn’t sure which provider to use. I drew up an outline itinerary with just the sort of things I’d like to do and sent it to 3 companies to get their feedback and suggestions. I then settled to work with the one I felt suited me best, both in terms of their suggested itinerary but my comfort of working with them. To get the perfect custom trip may take a few iterations.

We have a list of suggested suppliers of Safari trips on the site via this link:

To give you some initial thoughts on what you could do, here’s a few articles I wrote from my trip:

Johannesburg and Mziki Nature Reserve South Africa

Victoria Falls and the Zambezi river

Chobe National Park Botswana and the Caprivi Strip Namibia

The Garden Route South Africa

Hope that helps you to get your planning underway and please feel free to come back with any further questions after you’ve had a chance to read through the information above.


Essex UK

We would love to go to Africa to see Table Mountain, Victoria Falls, Penguins, Whales and a safari malaria free where you do not have to keep to the roads! Any suggestions and advice as to how to start planning this gratefully received!

10 Posts
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