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Ryanair tops airline compensation appeal claims for year

@Fossil wrote:

won’t allow this on grounds of safety!!

Strange one that really because pretty much every airline I’ve ever travelled on allows that. Still, in a 2 horse race EJ would get my business over Ryanair

Essex UK

One thing I forgot to mention in my comparison, Ryanair tell passengers to put small bags etc under the seat in front of them whilst EasyJet won’t allow this on grounds of safety!!


Looking forward to flying with them Thursday.


A Welcome Back from me, also. @Fossil I, too prefer EasyJet for your reasons mentioned.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Good comparison Alan and welcome back.

Essex UK

Having just returned from a trip to Denmark where Ryanair were the carriers it gives me an opportunity to compare with EasyJet who were the carriers for me a few weeks ago.
Both operate a similar system when booking. Ryanair call it ‘Priority’ booking whilst EasyJet call it ‘Speedy Boarding’. Both include cabin cases as standard but Ryanair have a 10kg limit whilst EasyJet do not have a limit but say you must be able to lift it into the overhead lockers unaided. EasyJet also allow the same cabin baggage amount without the need to book Speedy Boarding. Both allow you to select your seat but at an additional charge. Ryanair require check-in on line between 48 hours and 2 hours prior to departure and failure to do so results in a £55 check-in fee. EasyJet allow you to book in 30 days in advance. This has the advantage that you can in most cases book in for your return flight prior to leaving the country. Particularly useful if going to a country where the internet is poor and no printer available for those who do not have the airlines apps. EasyJet also allow you to check-in at the airport without additional charge.
Ryanair fly Boeing 737-800 series whilst EasyJet mainly use the Airbus A320 and it various derivatives.
EasyJet have the widest seats (Even more than BA) whilst Ryanair have the narrowest seats but offer and extra inch in leg room.
Many will also find the interior colours of EasyJet more relaxing than the blue and bright yellow of Ryanair with all the overhead locker doors covered in adverts.
Prices are difficult to compare as there are very few routes shared by each airline as Ryanair use more ‘Out of the way’ airports necessitating the use of buses or taxis into the main cities at additional cost as opposed to EasyJet using main airports.
Not a lot to choose in the greater scheme of things but for me it has to be EasyJet because of their cabin luggage allowance, the ability to check-in so far in advance and the more restful interior.


@Solent_Richard oooops, quite correct. However with EasyJet and their 30 day check-in policy I have always found no difficulty in obtaining a decent seat if the allocated one is not acceptable and if travelling as a couple being seated together. For Egypt later this month they had already allocated me a window seat at the front of the plane.


Fossil wrote:

Solent_Richard wrote:

I was pretty satisfied though of course we did pay for their ‘PLUS’ Package with all its associated benefits.
Same seats, same leg room, same service etc. The ‘Plus’ system did at that time allow priority boarding and an extra bag. However that has changed in the last few days. Problem is that with the majority booking this there is hardly any advantage.

Good morning @Fossil

I believe you missed out one of the other advantages: the ability to reserve your seat at the time of booking.

Like buses, most people view shortfall budget airlines like buses: doesn’t matter which one you take, its the fare that counts.

Personally I have nothing against budget airlines and to some degree they help keeping other airfares in check. What continually narks me is that when the inevitable happens, and something goes wrong, their passengers throw a hissy fit: bit like these Brexit remoaners really.

@Fossil wrote:

so will find out for myself what they are like

I’ll be interested to get your first hand feedback Alan.

Essex UK
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