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Ryanair cancels flights after 'messing up' pilot holidays

With Ryanair’s issues & Monarch going bust (see other thread) the likes of Jet2, EasyJet and Norwegian must be rubbing their hands together in delight.

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As I said in an earlier post I have never experienced a problem with Ryanair, use Easyjet many times a year and am flying with Norwegian in 12 days time. Not including Ryanair’s latest problems if you look at the number of people that are transported daily by the budget airlines the percentage that have problems is actually minute. If you look at the worlds top 100 airlines you will see that Norwegian come in at 28 above many national carriers including British Airways who are only one place ahead of Easyjet.


Again we have never considered flying with Ryanair, the way customers have been treated is awful and I cannot understand how this company is still in business. This would certainly make me think twice about flying with any low cost airlines but do realise that nothing is certain in this day and age.

Ryanair have been covered regularly in the media this week, but in cased you missed some of it:

In trouble with the CAA:

an interesting piece on the low cost revolution:

and of course the inevitable speculation that this could spell the end of cheap flights:

Essex UK

Pretty much become the standard now to pad the flight time to make it seem like they have arrived on time.

Essex UK

I frequently fly with Ryanair. My son and his family live in Barcelona and the timing and cost of flights between there and my home airport (Edinburgh) are acceptable. It’s a budget airline…cheap if not always cheerful. That said, there have been times when I’ve admired the patience of the staff with some of my fellow passengers
As for the current fiasco though…I was flat and cat sitting for a friend near Alicante last week…and did have a few days of uncertainty before the return flight was confirmed. Not that I would have been all that bothered if it had been, as I was exchanging 27 degrees and sunshine for 14 degrees and rain
What never fails to surprise me though is how a Ryanair flight can leave 45 minutes late and still arrive in time for the trumpet voluntary!


I don’t like arrogant men and Michael O’Leary takes the crown as King of Arrogance!

His attitude puts me right off and some people interviewed on the news are still considering flying with Ryanair even after this latest “pilot” fiasco.

Needless to say, I have never flown with Ryanair. I have flown with Norwegian Air and Easyjet and they were OK.

I agree Alan. Based on my experience, if I was going “low cost” it would probably be Norwegian or Jet2.

Essex UK

Flew with Norwegian Air several years ago and they are in my humble opinion a good budget airline that offers free wi-fi, good service and comfortable seating.


coolonespa wrote:


There you go Steve. You saw it first on Silver Travel Forum.

4 hours later it was being discussed on the Jeremy Vine Show.

The actual figure is 140 pilots have left Ryanair for Norwegian this year alone.

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