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Review 'Thailand': Visit with tigers on my knee

I too am concerned about wildlife being turned into a ‘tourist experience’.


Thanks @ladyjayne – I’ve just noticed from your review it’s three years since you visited. I suspect it has closed, we were in Kanchanaburi in January, and it was never mentioned.

On a similar vein, we visited the hill tribes of northern Thailand on our trip and the responsible travel companies will no longer take you to the ‘long necked women’ as they’ve been totally exploited

And whilst we were in Bangkok, we were told about a zoo on the top of a shopping mall which I looked up on return – sounds awful – details.

I’m really glad you enjoyed the tigers – I have also been to a ‘tiger monastery’ in Thailand, and was hugely bothered by it. They simply weren’t behaving like tigers – even well-fed tigers shouldn’t allow people to drape themselves all over them.

But I do get it was something you always wanted to do – so good for you.

re. tiger monastery. It was Kanchanaburi…but I believe that it has now closed, but that there are other tiger experiences. Good luck.

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