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Review of Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Voyage

It was, especially if you were standing on the bridge wings heading into the wind…


Definitely atmospheric. Looks cold enough to freeze them off of a brass monkey.

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Try this one for ‘atmospheric’ Steve. Taken at the beginning of March.


The way the cloud sits above the ship makes that a quite atmospheric photo….nice.

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We saw you (Kong Harald) several times during your cruise- here we joined you in Tromsø in the sunshine.

Kong Harald in Tromsø

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I’ve only just found your review and have enjoyed reading it. It has brought back many memories. Food is excellent and you really do wonder about those that manage to find something to complain about. Staff are brilliant and the casual relaxed atmosphere helps make the voyage.

If you want to spend longer at Ålesund then you need to go during the winter months when the boats don’t do the detour up the Geiranger Fjord. Ålesund is worth spending time in if possible and the 30-40minutes in the summer schedules isn’t enough. The boats also leave Bergan later in the winter, so you can watch them depart before heading to bed.

It sounds as if the weather was calm for you, another bonus. Although most of the trip is in sheltered waters, the long stretch through the Barents Sea around the top of Norway is very exposed and can get VERY rough.

I’ve just seen this photo competion to win a free trip on Hurtegruten:
and send in your pictures here:

Good luck!


An excellent read Ginny May, sounds like you had a great time in spite of all the irritations – you may soon be doing another cruise now you’ve started….


Very enjoyable review Ginny May, thanks.

Essex UK

Hi Ginny May,
Brilliant review. Made me envious just reading it. Well done.
If you go to the main site and the sign in page where it says ‘Have you forgotten your password?’ there is a button you can press for a reminder. Hope that helps.


Wow! That was a fantastic insight to Hurtigruten. I must admit I have always been curious.
Very interesting review. Thank you very much.

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