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Reluctant Solo Traveller

If I’m allowed to mention another cruise company, Passion for Cruises
frequently offer cruises with no single supplement.

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

@DevonJan welcome to the forum and also sorry to hear of your loss.
If it helps Fred Olsen have just announced a range of cruises with no single supplement.



I’m sorry to hear about your loss @DevonJan and thank you for making your first non prize/competition related post. Welcome to our Silver Travel Forum – we hope that you enjoy being part of our friendly group of Silver Travellers. Please feel free to contact one of the moderators if you have any queries about using the Forum.

I think there’s more opportunities now for solo travellers than ever before but you’re right in that the bargains take some hunting out. Sadly there’s now substitute for putting in the hours to look for these deals. Alan has suggested some cruise related ideas in post #24 above but keep an eye on our special page & monthly specials newsletter for other ideas. Its also worth signing up to some newsletters like Travelzoo, where they’ll bring the latest deals straight to your in box.

Essex UK

I’ve recently lost my hubby & so want to go on travelling & hols, but like others finding it so difficult to find an affordable price or suitable place to go. Together we were so used to picking up late deals & bargains so easily, now it has become a task to find anything I can afford at all as a solo traveller.


I noticed that Variety cruises have quiet a few specials at the moment with no single supplement @pat51uk . You can link to their site via this link: https://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/partner/107673

Essex UK

As a rule of thumb @pat51uk the answer is no there isn’t. However the good news is Fred Olsen Cruise Lines https://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/partner/156459-fred-olsen-cruise-lines often advertise cruises without a singles supplement.
Some cruise lines have invested heavily in cabins for solos such as Cruise and Maritime https://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/partner/899-cruise-maritime-voyages and NCL https://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/partner/187463-norwegian-cruise-line
I would suggest that you also watch the web sites of cruise agents such as Iglu https://www.iglucruise.com/last-minute-cruises-for-singles for no supplement cruises when they are advertised,


Are there any cruise lines that don’t charge 100% supplement for being alone. I have cruised with my late husband and last year with another female friend which didn’t work out would love to go again alone but will not pay 100% extra for the privaldge.

What a great trip, @Doglaover – and well done for getting out there and doing it.

I’m also a woman who travels alone – and very rarely find people wanting to chat over dinner. So I always have a book and a notebook with me – and it’s the notebook that has made people come and chat. I write all the time – about everything – and I’ve lost count of the people who come over and ask, ‘Are you a writer?’ – what they really mean is, ‘Are you writing about me?’ – but it really doesn’t matter what I say as it’s the opportunity to ask something about them and, if I’m lucky my conversation goes from there.

Having said that, the vast majority of my meals are taken alone. Well, me and the book.

Welcome @Doglaover to our Silver Travel Forum – we hope that you enjoy being part of our friendly group of Silver Travellers. Please feel free to contact one of the moderators if you have any queries about using the Forum.

Well done for taking on the trip. I’m sure you had some reservations but its fantastic you took the challenge on and have come away with new experiences, greater confidence and stories to tell.

Essex UK

Last summer I did a solo motorhome hol to France – a bit nostalgic as the motorhome was really bought to enjoy travelling around Europe as a couple but fate intervened and my late husband never got the pleasure of touring through France down to Barcelona. I had a few problems along the way but managed to find my way through, despite satnav issues and this did give me the confidence to feel that I can do things that perhaps I thought might be too difficult. The thing that was saddest for me was that when eating dinner the other diners were not so sociable – not sure if this was because I was a woman on my own, or just a bad side effect of I-phones,etc. Just not quite how I remembered it!
The posts on St. Malo and northern France brought my hols back, as I finished off by meeting up with my brother in Jersey, and St. Malo was the departure port. I, too, walked around St. Malo, up in the battlements and around the harbour and it was indeed very interesting.

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