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Germany to displace UK in cruise market

Re studley castle we quite agree Warners have done a lovely job of updating it. There is plenty to do,yet it has a tranquil air and very relaxing.
Lots of places to visit including Cheltenham and Stroud.


I’ve never been away for that long @Kay9 so can’t talk from personal experience but I did find this on the web


It implies that you can buy separate cover but the link in the text to compare quotes didn’t seem to work. Perhaps if you go through a house insurance quote there will be an option on the later screens. The other thought is to find a broker who will do all the leg work for you. Please let us know how you get on.

Essex UK

It’s not only travel insurance that seems flawed. Trying to find house insurance cover for over 60 days is difficult. Having no relatives able to stay overnight we were treated as though the house was an empty property or the cover didn’t include pipes bursting,flood or theft.
We knew
Our house was to be checked at least weekly, the heating left on at 15c and is on the road through the village.
What exactly is being insured??
If any reader can advise we’d be grateful.


Welcome to the forum @Harold sounds like a great first cruise. Don’t get Caviar on many ships today.


The first cruise was on C.T.C. converted ferry Leonid Breschnev (Russian President) It was supposed to be the most basic of all cruise ships. But we found it as good as any other later ships. We enjoyed plenty of vodka and caviar and lived the life of (Riley!) or Kings. We were spoiled in every way, visiting all the Spanish and Portuguese islands and the mainland too. We learned some Russian, ( language, dances and songs).

Unfortunately, neither the company nor it’s ships survive to-day! A great pity!

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I’m glad you had a good time at the Hogs Back Hotel. Why not write a more detailed review in the review section of the site. I’m sure other members would love to read more about your experience.

Essex UK

Hogs Back hotel we had a lovely stay there the food was great staff were really helpful would highly recommend it


I have not been on a ship for a cruise but would love to the freedom of seeing sites and places would be great exspand the mind


Back onto subject.

This is the Aidamar…

…at Southampton’s City Terminal last Monday (19 November).

And what’s more interesting is that the Germans are still cruising the Northern European waters in November: long after the American ‘cherry pickers’ have headed back to the Caribbean.

I would love and enjoy a holiday like this one. To to walk in the company and other colleagues. Sound fantastic. Will be glad to win it. Thank you’

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