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Germany to displace UK in cruise market

Wow, according to the website, this thread has had over 250,000 views!

Not only are the Germans after the sun beds, they want to take over the Forum

Amazing…. beautiful scenery…x

lindat4683 wrote:

21:53 29-Aug-16

I would love to visit Christ the redeemer in Brazil my father talked about it just before he died he said it was just magnificent

Hi @lindat4683,

I have visted it three times, and never tire of it – it IS magnificent. A comparatively cheap way to see it, is as part of a repositioning cruise from Italy to Brazil, which often has a 3 day stay in Rio tagged on at the end.

Cheers, Gill

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

I would love to visit Christ the redeemer in Brazil my father talked about it just before he died he said it was just magnificent

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Essex UK

Might even get China into the equation sometime in the future me thinks


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The rock at Gibraltar is definitely worth a visit. You can use the cable car to get up there, but it is possible to walk it if very fit. We did find that the signposting is very poor and lost our way trying to get from St Michael’s cave to the tunnels. Most people are taken round the rock by minibus but we walked. You definitely feel like second class citizens up there as the buses race past you and you dive for safety.

Do take some food and drink with you as there are only two eating places – at St. Michael’s cave and at the top of the cable car.

We ended up being very hot, dehydrated and starving as we thought there would be several eating places and there weren’t!

In desperation we climbed up a steep gradient to get back to the top of the cable car and sustenance. We had to navigate our way round quite a few monkeys on the narrow steps up – a rather hairy experience!!


Oh dear, now I’ll never get a lounger on a cruise

Essex UK

Germany is ready to displace the UK as Europe’s biggest cruise market, say cruise industry bosses.

Cunard president and managing director Peter Shanks said there was “no question” Germany would overtake the UK to become the world number two for cruise sales behind the US.

Shanks said: “Germany is our fastest-growing market. The German market is 1.3 million a year now and the UK 1.7 million.”

Speaking at German trade show ITB in Berlin, Shanks said: “There is large package holiday market in Germany that is ready to upgrade to the cruise experience. There is no question in my mind the country will overtake the UK to become the biggest cruise market in Europe.”

Shanks added: “We trade on history, heritage and quality [at Cunard]. We are very different to the US cruise model. We thought we might have to provide a German experience for the German market, but we find our German guests want a British experience.

“We are working hard with German travel agents who are highly experienced in a fast-growing market.”

Azamara Club Cruises president and chief executive Larry Pimentel agreed, saying: “Germany will usurp the UK as the number-two cruise market in the world in no time.”

But he added: “Cruising is still just 2% of the travel leisure market.”

Aida Germany president Michael Thamm said: “We will see double the figures in Germany by the end of this decade, with 2.5 to three million Germans cruising in a European cruise market of 10 million.

“The question is whether we have the right passengers and the business model to justify the huge investment.”

Dominic Paul, Royal Caribbean Cruises vice-president and group managing director for Europe, said: “Cruising is a still a well-kept secret. The potential is high and the value for money depressingly good.”

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