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Question for Steve or anyone else who knows Malaysia

Brave woman, Eleanor!

I love the thought of having eyelashes permed…


I’ve blogged a thought or two before I leave Bangkok, for anyone who might wonder what it’s like:

Thanks, Barrowman – I knew he was going but didn’t realise he’d already left. But I sat with my Lonely Planet and worked out the alternatives – I think I’ll be fine, thanks.

Hi Jo……Unfortunately for you Steve, our Malaysia expert is in Cuba right now.

It might be an idea to pose the same question to one of the travel experts on the main site if you need further information….


I’ve clearly drawn a blank. Do I’ve fixed to go to Fraser Hil – which is a hill station outside Kl, where there is walking and bird watching. I don’t have binoculars with me, so I hope they are big birds!

My plans to go to the Taman Negara (I’ve been before, so know how wonderful it is) have been scuppers by flooding.

I’m travelling from North to South, and the idea was: Penang, Ipoh, Cameron Highlands, Taman Negara, KL … Where would you go, given the flooding challenges to the east? Any ideas? I had hoped to sit in a hut for a few days and look at the river, as it would be good to go somewhere restful for a new days, but it doesn’t have to be.

All suggestions welcome!

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