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Question for Biffo or anyone else who knows Thailand

I was beginning to think I’d need to do that – thanks for nudging me, Steve.

Jo – Suggest you also send this as a PM to Biffo. He may be travelling & the PM will generate an e-mail alert which he may notice even if he hasn’t had time to log into the Forum.

Essex UK

Hi Biffo – I’m asking you as I think you’re in Thailand?

I’m trying to book a train ticket from Bangkok to Butterworth – the Thai Trains website tells me that online booking are closed at the moment, but I’ve found another that looks as if it’s selling tickets. So – do I risk the site that’s selling tickets, or is that a scam? Do I wait till the main website sort itself out?

(I do know a travel agent in Bangkok who I can ask to help me if necessary).

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