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Proposed cruise ship safety training

Interesting concept.

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I saw this announcement on cruise.co.uk yesterday:

"Crew members working on Carnival brands will undergo a more rigorous training process in the future, after the organisation purchased seven acres of land in the Netherlands for its new training campus.

Located near Amsterdam, the cornerstone of the new facility will be made up of an expanded Centre for Stimulated Maritime Training, which was originally established in 2009 as part of an effort to increase the quality of instruction centres.

Ship captains, officers and engineers will be among those who undergo training at the new facility, which will be able to simulate an enormous variety of situations so that participants can be fully prepared, should the worst happen at sea.

The news comes after a number of high-profile disasters plagued Carnival vessels, including the sinking of the Costa Concordia and the technical difficulties that saw the Carnival Triumph drifting at sea without hot food or functional toilets."

This was my reply to them:

Carnival’s plans sound good for safety at sea.

However did you mean "Simulated" and not "Stimulated" Maritime Training?

After all, the Costa Concordia disaster may have been due to an over-stimulated Captain….

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