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Travel competition?

@northernblue wrote:

I am enjoying past holidays via photographs and memories.

I think many of us have been taking time to reflect on past holidays.

Essex UK

I am missing the planning and anticipation as much as the actual holidays. There are too many uncertainties at the moment to plan anything with confidence. I still have one holiday hanging in the balance with no clear indication of whether it will go-ahead as planned or whether flights will be available next year. Meanwhile, I am enjoying past holidays via photographs and memories.

Sounds like a lovely break. Would love to experience this.

Vinnie wrote:

the thought of travelling anywhere sounds good

My words exactly especially after 3 months of Lockdown.


It would still be great to win a travel prize something wonderful to look forward to after being indoors the thought of travelling anywhere sounds good


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Yes I’ve done a few more than I normally would.

Stay safe & keep well, we’re always here to chat to if you need us. Why not have a go at the daily quiz, no prizes, just a bit of fun.

Essex UK

Im doing competitions as a way of keeping myself occupied during lockdown and the dreams of winning a holiday for afterwards certainly improves my mental health with the hope of us all coming through the other side of it

I noticed in a competition I entered yesterday that the “take by date” was Nov 2021, so hopefully plenty of time to see how the virus situation plays out before you need to take the prize.

Essex UK

Winning a holiday would be something to look forward to.

How long do we wait before this horrible situation is at an end? Lots more questions, still no answers, but yes, I will enter a competition just because I can.

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