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Jane Eyre, December 2019 Book Club Book

I tried looking at who the winners were but for some reason the Winners page on the forum has not been updated. Could this please be done @AndrewMorris


So I’m assuming its just a case of going to the page and scrolling down the comments until you find the ones by the winners @iwent but @AndrewMorris may be able to enlighten us further.

Essex UK

coolonespa wrote:

This is a link to the book club page

Thanks @coolonespa but you’re right, I was looking for the forum thread.
So we can see, from the page you link:

Book of the Month November 2019 winners:
No1tealady and GeminiJen

but what we can’t do is see which the winning entries are. I thought this had been discussed and agreed previously?

Last Edited by iwent at 08 Dec 20:26

This is a link to the book club page @iwent

It doesn’t seem to me that a forum thread was created.

Essex UK

I’ve been trying to look back at November’s Book Club page, now that the winners have been announced, but none of the usual search systems seem able to get me closer than November 2018.

Any clues?

Has anyone been watching Yorkshire Walks on BBC4? I’ve only watched the first one so far, “Leyburn to Bolton Castle”. You get 29 minutes of the most gorgeous scenery, with occasional fragments of local information. All done at a slow pace: very restful. If you already love Yorkshire, this is worth watching. And if you don’t yet know Yorkshire, it will help to you discover the county.

This was my favourite book as a child. I could relate to it. No I did not have a mad relative in the attic but my Mum had died and the book gave me hope of a happy future. I have since learnt that you make your own happiness in life.

iwent wrote:

00:29 04-Dec-19

Some of the entries on the book club site itself make fascinating reading.
@LABath wrote:

I love the Dales but I think it’s really the people that make Yorkshire so special. So friendly and down to earth.

I’m sure this is true, but it seems to be at odds with James Herriot’s view.

As a Yorkshire Tyke, born and bred, of course I heartily agree with you there!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

Love the Harry Potter books and films. The books get your imagination running riot whilst the films include some scenes that must have taken an age to set up and film. To me the characters that stand out are Dumbledore and Snape. However when you look at the cat of actors and actresses it comes as no surprise as to the success of the films.,asc&mode=detail&page=1


@ESW wrote:

Leadenhall Market in London is another contender

I think its the top contender Eleanor as the opticians shop there was actually the shopfront for Olivanders in the film. As you say, plenty of people have jobs because of places that inspired JK.

@iwent wrote:


Thanks. I have been on the Hogwarts Express.

Essex UK
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