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If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Jane Eyre, December 2019 Book Club Book

Always love it

Thanks for clarifying @Debbie

Essex UK

Thanks for all the contributions and I hope everything is now clear – the winners will always be posted each month on this page

Anyone who wants to comment on the Book of the Month in order to enter the monthly competition to win a copy can do so on the page which can be accessed from the homepage carousel and which changes each month. So the December one is here : and it changes at the beginning of each month.

If anyone would like to start a separate thread on the Forum about the Book of the Month, that’s fine, and a great place to chat in more depth, but just to be aware that these comments would not count as part of the prize draw.

Hope that’s all clear – if not, just ask and we’ll be happy to help!


Thanks @ESW for explaining that for @iwent

I have been informed that from now on all comments etc. should be put on the main STA web site. No further updates or details of winners will be put on the forum.


ESW wrote:

if you click on ‘next’ it brings up page 2

Now why didn’t I see that?

Thank you so much for your clear and simple explanation @ESW .

Thanks @EWS for explaining to @iwent how easy it is to find all the comments for each month of the Book Club.

Just click away on ‘next’ to access everyone’s comments for the whole month.

Godalming, Surrey

@iwent – if you click on ‘next’ it brings up page 2 and you will find No1tealady made the first comment and GeminiJen was the fourth comment to be made.

I too like checking back to read the winning comments (and sometimes wondering why that particular comment won!)

Last Edited by ESW at 09 Dec 20:10

SilverTravelEditor wrote:

if you really want to look back and see what the comments of the winners were
Yes @AndrewMorris, I really do. I like to see who has won, what they said, why they have won.

But unfortunately, despite your lengthy response (for which many thanks) I am still not able to, as you have not actually addressed the problem. I do hope @Debbie or @coolonespa or @Fossil can help us.

Both the prizewinners pages give the two November prize winners as No1tealady and GeminiJen. So far so good.
But when I look at the November Book Club page, it says 31 “comments” have been made, but only 25 “comments” are shown. These do not include the prizewinners: iwent, iwent, ESW, Fabuloushornet, SilverTravelEditor, SilverTravelEditor, barney, LynetteH, DRSask, SilverTravelEditor, philatel, Rowsie, Elgee, Sararose, Marpau, Jinglejeff, Leah50, Patriciamichael, seashelly, SilverTravelEditor, ChristineT, LizCraw5, SilverTravelUser_3824, Hunter, gardenbirds

Perhaps the winners are amongst the first six “comments”? If so, how did you get access to them @SilverTravelEditor ? Perhaps there’s another way to see the complete list of 31? Or maybe an IT expert will be able to reveal the first six entries so that ordinary members can see the winning entries.
And if the page will always only allow 25 “comments” to be visible, you’ll probably need to do something for this month (already 18 comments).

Last Edited by iwent at 09 Dec 19:26

Hello @iwent @coolonespa and @fossil

Please allow me to respond to the questions surrounding the Silver Travel Book Club that you’ve raised on this Forum thread, in the hope that I can put your inquisitive minds at rest….

We have recently changed the format to be consistent with the Silver Travel Cook Club. So instead of a separate Forum thread for each month’s book, we now have a single web page. Here is the current December Book Club page:

Everyone is invited to leave a comment at the bottom of that page that responds to our ‘challenge’ and which is somehow linked to the book’s location or themes. The two best comments – in our humble and subjective view – will win a copy of the book.

Above the comments section on that page is a link: ‘Read more about all of our Silver Travel Book Club books’. Click to take you to a separate page that is a summary of all the Book Club’s monthly books since we started reading together in May 2017.

The winners are noted on this summary each month, and they’re also noted on a separate (and fairly new) Forum thread here:

And if you really want to look back and see what the comments of the winners were, here’s the November 2019 Book Club page, for example:

I really hope that helps you to track all the information you need to find out about the Silver Travel Book Club book and winners every month. But if you have any more comments on the format, I suggest you get in touch with @Debbie

Happy reading!


Godalming, Surrey

coolonespa wrote:

So I’m assuming its just a case of going to the page and scrolling down the comments until you find the ones by the winners @iwent but @AndrewMorris may be able to enlighten us further.

Not at all @coolonespa . This is usually the method, but if you look there’s no sign of the winners in the comments section (and as you’ve already pointed out, there was apparently no forum page that month).

Fossil wrote:

I tried looking at who the winners were but for some reason the Winners page on the forum has not been updated. Could this please be done @AndrewMorris

Actually @Fossil , this has already been done. The winners have been given as: No1tealady and GeminiJen. The problem is as explained above ~ there are no entries with those names!

So please, @AndrewMorris , let us know which were the winning entries.

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