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Silver Travel Book Club - Book of the Month - July 2019

Mine is a trip to French Guyana to stay with a schoolfriend. We took a weekend trip up the Amazon, shot the rapids, and then slept in a hammock in the forest – very creepy – howling monkeys making a terrible racket all night and lots of eyes and patter of feet all around – don’t think I slept a wink. We then ate whatever the 2 guys leading the little group managed to hunt – meat/fish/ fruit, etc. Quiet an experience.


Thanks everyone for the entertaining first posts on travelling boldly, to accompany the intrepid journeys made by the writers in this month’s Silver Travel Book Club choice ‘To Oldly Go’.

@Sararose – how brilliant that a £25 premium bond win allowed you to jump on a train to Austria. I’m guessing you’re not still in touch with the surly, mute boy? And I love how a duvet hanging from a window to air is a lasting memory.

Similarly, one of my own first travel experiences was aged 16, on a German exchange to Koblenz and immersed in German family life for a few weeks. After that, my other classmates went home and I had to find a train down to the south of France on my own, to meet up with my family. It sounds so tame now, but was quite an adventure at the time.

Respect @GBG to you and your husband for showing the younger generation your more mature mettle on the canyon walk in Jordan. Your pride is well deserved!

Keep those comments about bold – even reckless – travel experiences coming. And remember….one lucky winner will win a beautiful bath robe from Book Club sponsor Emerald Waterways this month, together with a copy of ‘To Oldly Go’.

you wrote:

ut…. age is just a number……

It may be in the mind, @you – but the body takes some convincing!

Albox, Costa Almeria, Spain

But…. age is just a number……

At 66 and 67, my husband and I were definitely the oldest people on the On the Go trip to Jordan. The nearest in age were at least 10 years younger and many were in their 20’s and 30’s. We were determined to try everything and when it came to the canyon walk at Wadi Majib it was no exception. The five young Australians decided it was not for them and the rest of the group, along with us, donned their buoyancy aids and started the walk against the shallow water in the canyon. I researches the walk before I went and knew it was challenging but was determined to get as far as possible. With the help of ropes my husband and I scaled the first waterfall but a few others dropped out at this stage. The second waterfall was a lot more challenging and all the ladies bar myself and a 30 year old gave up at this stage. The water was deep and I attempted the climb but sadly did not quite manage it. My husband continued with the men and the one remaining lady and made it to the last waterfall before returning to meet up with me and the others on the trip back down the canyon. It was lovely to drift back down in the flow of the river. We were both very proud of our achievements.

In my youth I had a beer in The Red Dog Saloon in Juneau, Alaska.
The sawdust on the floor and all the lumberjacks with beards and checked shirts
made it feel daring to me!

When I was young my local town used to hold an international fortnight inviting a variety of groups from all over Europe. Members of various choirs, bands and dance groups would stay in private homes and give a number of concerts culminating in a gala dance, Two girls stayed with my family and I am still in touch with the Danish girl some 60 years later!

A reciprocal visit was planned to Vienna and I told my parents that I intended to go. I was 16 and had just left school and had only my pocket money but I was determined that something would turn up! My parents were not well off. Something did turn up – I won £25 on my premium bond. This was enough to pay for a train trip to Vienna. Now that may not seem very adventurous as we were accompanied by an adult but when we arrived at the station after a long overnight journey I found out I was to stay with a surly 16 year old boy who hated girls! He lived way out in the suburbs,
A number or day trips were planned and the unpleasant boy refused to accompany me anywhere and I was left to find my way round Vienna on my own. I don’t think he spoke to me even once during my fortnight’s stay. I had learned a small amount of German which helped but I do wonder now how I coped travelling by train and tram round an unknown city,
I do have some fond memories though – I saw my first duvet hanging out of a bedroom window to air and had my very first taste of yogurt,

This month, the Silver Travel Book Club – proudly sponsored by Emerald Waterways – is reading To Oldly Go, published by Bradt Travel Guides.

A collection of remarkable travel tales from ‘Silver Travellers’: Dervla Murphy travelling in Cuba at the age of 74, Matthew Parris swimming the Thames at 60, and Colin Thubron climbing the last stronghold of the Assassins in his 60s are among the writers recounting their adventures, often defying expectations – and the odds – and going outside their comfort zone to take a less-travelled path in later life.

This single volume brings together contributions – some original, some previously published – from independent-minded souls whose experiences have been entertaining, amusing, thrilling, and even a little irresponsible. Other contributors include Silver Travel Advisor’s very own Roger Bray, ‘Green Goddess’ Diana Moran and publisher Hilary Bradt

Where have you been bold to go on your travel experiences? Have you visited a destination that might be considered daring (at the time or now), and raised a few eyebrows.

Join this Forum thread or comment on Silver Travel’s Facebook page and the most interesting two entries from Silver Travellers will each win a copy of To Oldly Go. And as a special prize this month, one winner will also receive a luxurious monogrammed bath robe from Silver Travel Book Club sponsor Emerald Waterways.

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